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9 Reasons to Use Ashwagandha

When we want to improve our health, we usually think of eating healthy food and including vitamin and mineral supplements in our diet. By doing these small but significant changes, we work towards better health and a healthier life. Although food is an essential factor, supplements, especially the natural ones, are an inevitable part of the whole change.

The amazing ashwagandha wirkung (eng. impact, effect, benefits) is the reason this plant became one of the most talked natural supplements in recent years. Used for millenniums in the ayurvedic medicine for numerous health conditions and issues, ashwagandha is undoubtedly a supplement you should consider. Here are 9 reasons you should use this plant. 

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  • It’s Proven to Be Healthy

Ashwagandha has been used for over 3000 years in Ayurveda. According to claims, it has helped with many health conditions and issues, including snake bites, infections, memory loss, infertility, anxiety, and so on. Moreover, some of these claims have been backed up by science. For instance, one study showed that it can reduce cortisol and blood sugar levels.

  • It’s Easy to Use

You can use ashwagandha fresh by using its roots, leaves, and berries (depending on the recipe/remedy you prepare). You can also use it as a supplement, in the form of powder, capsules, or tinctures. The choice is yours. Whichever you choose, make sure you use it properly, according to your doctor’s suggestions.

  • It’s Safe to Use

Due to being a plant, a natural supplement, ashwagandha is considered to be safe to use. In fact, using short-term has been found to be beneficial but there’s no evidence of how it affects the body when used long-term. Although it’s safe to use for most people, there are some people who shouldn’t use it. Namely, pregnant women, women who breastfeed, people with autoimmune diseases, and people who take medications for thyroid disease. In order to use ashwagandha safely, you should consult with your doctor or a nutritionist.

  • It Can Improve Your Heart Health

It has been found that ashwagandha can improve your heart health in various ways. It can lower the blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. In that way, it protects you from conditions such as high blood pressure and even heart attack or stroke. Plus, it improves your current health condition, if you have any heart-related problems.

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  • It Can Reduce Stress

Stress, along with anxiety, are the two most common mental conditions of the modern world. People of all ages, especially those between 20 and 60, face stressful situations almost every day. While being under stress and/or anxious affects your mental health, it also affects your physical health. Chronic stress can lead to many health issues such as tachycardia, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, obesity, skin and hair problems, gastrointestinal problems, and so on.

Although there are drugs prescribed to deal with stress and anxiety disorders, sometimes they don’t function. Moreover, they can harm your body and cause some unwanted consequences. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use natural remedies, such as ashwagandha, instead of drugs (whenever possible).

  • It Can Help with Infertility

Unfortunately, a lot of women and men in the world face this problem. They usually go on fertility treatments, take pills and supplements, and follow a certain diet recommended by a fertility specialist. Although there’s no doubt that these options work, you could still consider using natural supplements, such as ashwagandha, because it won’t harm you. According to findings, ashwagandha can help with infertility by increasing testosterone levels, sperm count. And their mobility. However, you should consult without a doctor to check if it interferes with any of the medications you are using.

  • It Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Your Immune System

It has been found that ashwagandha can help reduce inflammation by boosting the activity of the t-cells. These immune cells fight infections, thus helping you stay healthy. Ashwagandha can also reduce inflammation by reducing its markers, such as c-reactive protein. In that way, it not only reduces inflammation but also boosts the function of your immune system and helps fight infections and diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

  • It Can Improve Your Strength

Apart from helping you with certain health conditions and issues, ashwagandha can also help improve your physical strength. Findings show that it can increase muscle size and mass, increase your strength, improve the composition of your body, and reduce body fat.

  • It Can Benefit Your Brain

Whether it is a memory problem, lack of concentration, attention and focus, or a neurodegenerative disease, ashwagandha may be able to help. According to numerous studies, it may improve your memory and other cognitive functions that are caused by disease or injury. It does that by promoting the antioxidant activity which protects the nerve cells from damage caused by free radicals.