A Bright Future in Eyewear: Your Eyes Are Moneymakers and Need to Be Protected in The Best Way Possible

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Three-fourths of adults do. While contact lenses are loved by many, the overwhelming majority still rely on glasses. But still, millions of us have impaired vision that we do not correct with glasses or contacts. That’s rather astonishing, considering the risks involved.

Your Changing Vision

It’s safe to say that many people who don’t wear eyeglasses when they need to aren’t even aware that they need the glasses. If you find yourself squinting, leaning backwards or forwards to get a clear picture, or having unexplained headaches, see an optometrist right away. From there. It’s recommended that you get your eyes examined every two years.

Your vision doesn’t need to be very bad to require correction, or to impact your daily activities. This is why so many overlook it; they don’t know what they can’t see. And in an age where our eyes are subjected to screens daily, sometimes for hours and hours, it’s crucial to keep an eye on eye health.

Your uncorrected vision can cost you dearly. That blurred periphery can cause an accident at the job site that injures you, or puts your position in jeopardy. The cost of an exam and a pair of glasses is relatively low when compared to wage loss or medical bills.

Glasses are even more important for those of us at a desk all day. If you want to be perceived as sharp, your vision must be sharp. Do your charts and graphs really match your reported findings? Did you enter that address just right? Is it taking you ten minutes longer to perform routine tasks? Small vision problems add up to create a deficit in your performance.

Choosing the Right Pair for You

For starters, how you appear in glasses shouldn’t even be a consideration. These days, many brands like Spektrum offer such a wide range, that there’s guaranteed to be something for the shape of your face and personal style.

Of course, the most vital component is your lenses. Your lenses should be crafted bearing in mind how often you’ll need the glasses, and where you’ll be wearing them. For example, if you work at a construction site, you’ll definitely want to invest in lenses that have a scratch-resistant coating and aren’t made of glass.  

Once you have your lenses laid out, try a variety of frames. Many of us are concerned with our glasses being too loose and sliding off of our faces, but adjustments can often fix this. What’s really important are your unique feelings about the points where the glasses make contact with your face and head.

You are less likely to reach for those glasses if, for instance, they pinch or cause depressions on the bridge of your nose, or dig into the skin behind your ears. Do not sacrifice comfort for style.

There are absolutely no benefits to not wearing glasses when you need them. Ease tension and improve your performance today by booking that appointment and selecting a pair of glasses that are functional, stylish, and boost your earning potential.