Improving Your Mental & Physical Wellbeing

We all want to feel and look our best. It’s a seemingly simple enough goal, but one which too often becomes harder to achieve as we grow older and settle deep into our daily habits and thought patterns.

There is no magic solution to improving the way we look and feel; everything to be recommended below is nothing you haven’t already heard at some point. The difference, we hope, is a renewed sense for how these changes lead to better mental and physical wellbeing.

Addressing a dependence

The human brain is arguably the most complex and mysterious thing yet to be found in nature – yet it’s far from perfect and easily prone to developing unhealthy addictions, obsessions, and devotions which prove detrimental to the organism as a whole. Answering the question of how long does alcohol withdrawal last reveals how a chemical in the brain known as dopamine can be hijacked by drugs and liquor to warp our sense of happiness and satisfaction. Furthermore, heavy drug and alcohol use is physically destructive to the body. The road to improving mental and physical wellbeing begins with living without a dependence on these substances.

Going to the doctor

Navigating the road to improved mental and physical wellbeing requires context regarding personal health. An underlying medical issue may be interfering with progress towards a better life, therefore regular doctors visits are essential to successfully achieving this goal. If you absolutely hate going to the doctor, have the doctor come to you in the form of an online doctor visit via tablet or smartphone. While a traditional checkup in person may ultimately be required, the basics of proper medical examination can be done in a virtual setting these days.

Getting regular exercise

The human anatomy as it exists today is not meant for the modern lives most of us live. As a species, we evolved for walking many miles every day and sitting very rarely, with intermittent spurts of high-intensity activity. Sound familiar? It’s what virtually every health expert recommends we try and replicate today as best as possible. Find or make time to exercise, in order to best simulate the activity schedule our bodies are built to follow. If there is, in fact, a silver bullet way to looking and feeling better, it’s making a habit of physical fitness, for the very fact it’s the best way to fulfill what bodies are built to do on a daily basis.

Enjoying a healthy diet

A downside to the otherwise marvelous modern age we live in is how far removed we’ve gotten from healthy eating. Similar to how modern life keeps us from doing what humans were meant to do biologically, it makes it harder to get proper nutrition. Again, the key to improving mental and physical wellbeing lies in the ability to best replicate life as our bodies are designed to live it – by avoiding processed foods and opting for a balanced diet of foodstuffs which are no more than one or two steps away from a farm. For those used to daily consumption of fast food and TV dinners, the patience involved in testing healthier options to find ones which are enjoyable to eat will be essential.

Lastly, we don’t want to suggest that the one and only path to better mental and physical wellbeing is to lead a Ned Flanders life of utmost purity. It’s okay to have a drink now and then, as much as it’s okay to eat a slice of cake on occasion, skip the morning run when it rains on a Saturday, and go an extra month or two in between visiting the doctor. As long as life is one where maintaining these routines is the norm and ignoring them is an unusual occurrence, improved mental and physical wellbeing is sure to follow.