A Look at American Breakfast Habits

If you are like many Americans that got their first taste of remote, chances are that you also got a taste of something else that had been sorely lacking in your life for quite some time now: breakfast.   Yes, thanks to the global pandemic, there was a silver lining that emerged in many people’s morning routine.  Instead of rushing off to the office and sitting in traffic, people had more time to sleep in as well as cook and eat a proper breakfast.  

Now that many people are returning to the office, it is a question of being full time back in the office whereas others are coming back on a hybrid schedule. Whatever the case, let’s continue to make breakfast a priority to keep up on our energy levels and health.  We may not have as much time to cook, however the heat-and-eat breakfast options are able to keep breakfast on the menu.

Popular breakfast spot and frozen aisle mainstay Bob Evans has put together a survey of what people crave for breakfast comfort foods as well as the trends and tastes of the American public.
Learn more about American breakfast habits in the following visual deep dive below, courtesy of Bob Evans:

How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits
Source: BobEvansGrocery.com