A Quick Intro to Donald Gary Young’s Northern Lights and Lavender Farms

Few farms exist in the U.S. today that have the capabilities to grow herbs, flowers, and other vegetation for the sole creation of essential oils. In fact, Donald Gary Young and his wife Mary made a name for themselves as being two of the foremost leaders in the essential oils industry. 

Throughout his career, D. Gary Young made it a priority to establish and foster numerous farms around the world that would produce the ingredients for the production of essential oils. He also became well-known for welcoming the public to his Young Living Essential Oils agricultural locations to showcase his love for and knowledge of essential oils. 

Northern Lights Farm, British Columbia, Canada 

One of the most scenic farms that Young and his wife owned together was their Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada. This farm is located close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is home to hundreds of black spruce pine trees that produce pure Black Spruce essential oils for Young Living. 

Each year, the farm sells more than 6000 liters of Black Spruce essential oil. It also hosted its first public event on August 24, 2016. 

Young was on hand to give the welcoming remarks to the public. He said, “As one of my greatest passions and achievements, I’m honored to share Northern Lights with our members and the local community, who have supported this endeavor from day one.” 

The public event included tours around the farm and distillery. Tourists also were treated to a close-up look at the education and conference center. Plans are underway right now to include a spa, lodge, and a visitor’s center. 

Lavender Farm, Mona, Utah, United States 

Another leading farm owned by the Youngs is their lavender farm in Mona, Utah. This farm is home to thousands of lavender plants, all of which supply the company with pure lavender essential oil. 

However, the lavender farm is also home to some of the best family fun in the area. Each year, the Youngs welcome the public to the farm for a day of excitement, learning, and fun in the Great Outdoors. 

During his time on the farm, Young also partook in the fun. In fact, he regularly participated in jousting tournaments on the farm. He was even recognized as the world’s oldest knight. He would put on demonstrations for the public by jousting against a stuffed dummy. 

The farm also has kid-friendly play areas that range from a Wild West playground to a miniature jousting area for children. Young would welcome the public to view the draft horses of which he was a big fan. He held one of the biggest draft horse events in the Western U.S. 

Along with jousting tournaments, Young’s farm also continues to be home to paddle boat rides as well as a kid-friendly animal stable area. About his petting zoo, Young said, “I didn’t want a plastic, cement pavement facility. I wanted them to come to a place to get in touch with the three elements that balance human life. Mother Earth, plants, and animal.” 

The lavender farm in Mona, Utah continues to make improvements to its premises. Future plans include for the addition of a medieval village and Western town. These additions will be included with tours of the distillery and the petting zoo. 

The public as well as foundation members acknowledge that all of the best additions to the lavender farm are because of Gary and Mary Young. People have been reported as saying, “We are here because of the herbs. But the Youngs wanted to also create a park that would be here for the people of Juab County and beyond, where families would come and enjoy themselves.” 

To add to the fun of the lavender farm, the Youngs have added 16 large Percheron horses. The horses are being used to pull wagons and stage coaches around the farm as well as in local parades and other outings. 

Young also made plans for adding a corn maze for the autumn and a skating rink for winter. The farm will continue to have a petting zoo that will feature creatures that will be housed there including a zedonk, which is a cross between a zebra and a donkey, as well as Barbados sheep, yaks, miniature ponies, Watusi, longhorn steers, and more. 

Gary Young and his wife Mary took great pride in their farms, which are located throughout the world. They regularly welcomed members of the public to these locations for family-friendly events. The events were designed to educate members of the public about the benefits of essential oils and allow families to have fun together in the Great Outdoors.