A Recipe For Better Health- What You Should And Shouldn’t Be Eating

Your diet can have a lot to do with your overall health. If you aren’t making the healthiest choices when it comes to what you eat, you could actually be doing harm to your body. If you are depriving yourself of certain foods, as well, you could be low on vitamins, which could cause illnesses and deficiencies.

One of the best ways to ensure you are eating what you should be is to reference the USDA’s MyPlate. It gives suggested serving sizes and more, for the best food options. You may also want to consider the following tips.


When it comes to dairy, there is plenty of controversy. Some people believe that dairy is an excellent health food choice, while other think people shouldn’t be drinking the milk of another animal, and that milk is only for babies. It’s really up to you if you drink milk, or eat dairy products though.

Even people that suffer from lactose intolerance have actual milk and dairy options. Plus, some foods, like cheese and yogurt, have only traces of lactose and don’t bother many people. This way you know you are getting the calcium your body needs, even without a supplement.


If you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian, you’re still eating meat. While one of the biggest cases for meat is the supply of complete proteins you get from it, you can get protein from other, non-animal sources. However, some people simply enjoy eating meat.

Unless you are eating wild game, like venison, try to stick with leaner meat options, and especially white meat options. Red meat does a lot of bad things in the body, from hardening blood vessel and clogging arteries, to staying in your gut far too long. Go with chicken and turkey options, for your best bet.

Fruits And Vegetables

If you fill each plate with at least a third, but more often half, vegetables, you are on the right track to health and wellness. Create salad concoctions with fruit, vegetables, and a lean meat option, for a healthy and energetic meal for lunch or dinner. Add some nuts for an extra protein energy boost. You can even have some fruit with your breakfast everyday, and put some of the carb filled foods that make you sluggish to the side for your dinner.

Whole Grains

Grains do offer good things for your body, but many people have been experiencing problems with grains in the last decade or so. With gluten issues on the rise, many people have cut down their intake of wheat, rye, and barley.

When you do consume grain, go for whole grains. That includes whole grain breads and pastas. But make sure you’re following serving sizes and not eating them every day, unless you want to start packing on some extra pounds.

Snack Options

Leave the candy bars and the potato chips at the store. If you need snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best option. You can also opt for things like air popped popcorn, and some energy boosting nuts.