Addiction and Genetics: How to Cope with a Predisposition for Addiction

Overcoming an addiction to prescription medication, alcohol and even illicit street drugs is never a simple task, regardless of the severity of your addiction. Recent studies have shown a significant predisposition for addiction based on genetics and DNA, making certain individuals much more susceptible to succumbing to an addiction if they have a family history of it themselves. When you discover you have a predisposition to alcoholism or abusing drugs and other medications, there are a few ways to go about coping to ensure you do not choose a life path that is potentially harmful, destructive and even deadly.

Accept You Are Susceptible

Accepting that you are susceptible to becoming addiction to drugs or alcohol based on genetics, DNA and family history is one of the first steps to overcoming the urge to continue to use and abuse any substances in your everyday life. Admitting that it is possible for you to become susceptible to abusing alcohol and other types of medications or illicit street drugs can help you to ensure you do not place yourself in potentially tempting surroundings.

Surround Yourself With Positive Role Models and Influences

Although it may be impossible to eliminate nearly everyone in your life who enjoys indulging in drinking alcohol or using prescription medications, it is essential to keep a close circle of family and friends who are sober and available for mental and emotional support at all times.

Avoid Tempting Environments

Avoid attending parties with drugs and alcohol or visiting any environments that have atmospheres involving drug use and drinking. Keeping yourself from any potential temptation rids any chance of you indulging yourself, which may ultimately lead to a downfall or an addiction of your own.

Talk With a Professional

Another method of learning more about how to cope with a predisposition for addiction due to genetics is to talk one on one with a counselor or therapist. Speaking with a professional is a way for you to learn more tips and tricks that you can integrate into your everyday life to steer clear from any potential addiction you may face.

Understanding the resources that are made available for those who are coping with an addiction or the temptation of a potential addiction can help to overcome any urges or other emotions faced with the struggle itself. The more you understand about addiction and how genetics play a role in developing any type of addiction, the easier it becomes to find recovery treatment options that are right for you.

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