All about Dementia and Getting the Best Health Insurance

Dementia symptoms include a decline in memory and other thinking skills. Does your loved one suffer from dementia? Then he or she will need the best health insurance plan.

The Need for the Best Health Insurance

Dementia is a very broad term that does not refer to just one illness. Many people think of it as Alzheimer’s disease, but is Alzheimer’s is just one of the effects.

Recently, dementia made it to the news when experts found a new method that could detect Alzheimer’s years before symptoms show up. Being able to diagnose patients early is obviously a great achievement in the medical field, for it takes advantage of the time when treatments and lifestyle changes are most effective.

No matter the age of your loved one with dementia, it is important for him or her to hold a good insurance plan. As you have read earlier, dementia demands a number of monitoring sessions and medications. Having  health insurance can save your loved one from significantly high medical bills.

More about Dementia

Medical experts have found the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease in the cerebrospinal fluid. It is the protective liquid found around the brain and spine.

Scientists at The German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases discovered an early immune response in people with a genetic disposition to Alzheimer’s. There were already abnormal immune reactions in their brains about seven years before the expected onset of the illness.

Experts discovered these immune responses through a protein in the cerebrospinal fluid. The discovery offered doctors the chance to trace the progression of the illness. Specifically, the early detection of dementia can happen through measuring protein levels in the fluid around the brain.

What Really Happens to the Brains of Alzheimer’s Patients?

It is important to take note that according to researchers, dying brain cells trigger microglia, not rogue proteins that clump together as previously thought. The microglia has a protective function; but as the disease progresses, it comes to a standstill.

In people with inherited form of Alzheimer’s, specialists can predict the timing of the onset of dementia. But more than that, the aforementioned method could also be used for other types of diseases covered by dementia. This is great news for numerous people suffering from such illnesses.

There are a lot of misconceptions about dementia. It takes a considerable amount of education before you can get a clear understanding of what it is. By education we mean doing enough research and talking to the right people. If your loved one is suffering from dementia, you should do everything to learn about his or her condition. It is a must to educate yourself about all the things you can do about it, including getting the best health care for your loved one. Needless to say, having a memory illness is extremely difficult. Your loved one needs your full support.