Applications For A Transportable Refrigeration Unit

Knowing the difference between a
truck that has refrigeration capability and a mobile or
transportable refrigeration unit is easy to understand. The refrigerator truck (known
as a reefer in the trade) gets cold and frozen goods from place to place. The
transportable refrigeration unit is what you lease when you need a fridge/freezer
solution provided to the location where you are.

Carry on reading to find out the
many uses of mobile, plug-in-and-use fridge/freezer units.

Product Storage In The Food
Distribution Industry

When food producers have surpluses
and excess product, both the supplier and food product manufacturing sites need
a temporary refrigerator leasing solution to help with the overflow and lack of
space. Without it, the food will rot and lose its targeted sell-by date.
Whether your site is a vast food processing and manufacturing plant or an
organic, hand-made label, a transportable refrigeration unit is far cheaper
than loaning a reefer to handle the storage demands, and they come in any size

Cold Chain

The biotech/pharmaceutical freezer
storage chain is one of the most critical systems currently in use within the
medical industry. Pharmaceutical refrigeration is when precisely
controlled cold rooms for the biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical industries
are hired for the purpose of compliant temperature controlled rooms and
storage. It is a strictly controlled area of temperature control. Only the most
trustworthy supplier of medically standardized and supervised cold room
freezers and refrigerator units will be acceptable.


With entertainment and event management
finding ever more creative ways to host, it stands to reason that
equally-creative venues will be selected for them. This is when portable
catering refrigeration units come into use. Leasing a refrigeration unit for
the period of the event catering preparation and serving is ideal for a special
event or occasion. They are flexible when it comes to a power source—electrical
outlet or generator are both acceptable options. If the noise of a generator
will disrupt the peace of the venue, an electrical outlet would be preferred.

Emergency And Restaurant

Many people associate transportable refrigeration units with big, ugly containers. This is not true as it is possible to lease a unit that will blend in with a modern kitchen outside area. They are not only easy-to-use with easy-access level flooring that requires no stair climbing, but they are also an attractive addition to the outer perimeter of the food prep area. They are perfect as an extra food storage area for summer, but the biggest bonus is knowing that you can lease one of these units if there is a problem with your freezer or refrigeration appliance on site. But no doubt that big restaurants still prefer to use commercial refrigeration units in their kitchen to preserve food. You can purchase these type of refrigeration units from who is a trusted name in commercial refrigeration supplier.

Using a transportable
refrigeration unit is not only for businesses and commercial enterprises. If
you have an extra-large freezer that breaks down and you are stuck for a place
to store the meat and foodstuffs temporarily, one of these units could save the

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