Have You Ever Tried A CBD Gummy Before? Three Reasons Why You Should

“Hungry? Grab a –“ bet you knew what the next word is, right? How about “Take a break, have a –“ I bet you knew that one too.

Yeah, those are classic commercials. They’re some of the most iconic ones, even. I mean, who could forget such lines when they’re repeated over and over wherever you go? You hear it on TV, you see it posted on subway trains and supermarkets, and you even hear it as puns in bad Sitcoms sometimes. These commercials feature snacks that we both hate and love. We love their tempting and satisfying taste but we hate all the calories. They’re too sweet to be part of a balanced diet!

With all the junk we put into our bodies nowadays, we really have to choose what we to eat and what not to eat more carefully. I’m not saying you should deprive yourself of “cheat days” and eat leafy greens all the time. All I’m saying is that you have to choose a little more wisely and balance it out. This way, you get to cheat a little and still get proper nutrition – not all junk food.  

So, what cheat food should you actually be eating? Chocolates and candies are definitely not a good choice – and not just because they’re sweet. I know that after a long, tiring day, getting some sugar into your system can give you an instant boost in energy. But, it’s all temporary. Sugar will perk you up but it’s got a terrible crash (see for yourself). After one or two hours of restlessness and fully-charged energy, you can experience sudden exhaustion – the kind that’s really, really bad, you just want to crawl into your bed and sleep. So instead of snacking on these sugary treats, you may want to look for something that boosts your energy alright without giving you a hard crash later on.

For this, we suggest CBD Gummies.

What? You never tried them before? How come? Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s a fairly new product out in the market so I’ll bet on my horses that many people still haven’t tried it. If you’ve tasted gummy bears before, these gummies should also taste similarly. The only difference is that it has one key ingredient: Cannabidiol or just commonly referred to as CBD. Cannabidiol, as you may have already guessed, is one of the 113 Cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. However, unlike the plant itself, Cannabidiol is legal almost everywhere. This is because it has proven to have zero psychoactive effects and high medicinal properties – even authorities can’t pass up a miracle chemical like this.

There are many kinds but they mostly just differ in taste. CBD is still the main ingredient. If you’re a little hesitant to try, then maybe these three reasons will convince you to:

1. CBD Gummies Are Light On The Tummy – In terms of calories, CBD gummies are very light. They won’t really add on to your weight unless you eat a gazillion of them. They just have the right sweetness and sourness that it’s satisfying. It’s the perfect snack for a long day. In case you’re wondering, this treat tastes just like normal gummies – it doesn’t taste like weed or anything like that. Check what this guy has to say about it: CBDGummyGuy.com.

2. CBD Gummies Are Generally Healthier Than Other Sugary Treats – There are health benefits to eating these gummies. Regular gummies will just give you diabetes; these ones can help you with pain relief, sleep problems, stress, and anxiety. It’s like a legal chill pill that’s sweetly addictive. If you’re worn out from work, pop a gummy or two (or a pack). It should help you relax.      

3. CBD Gummies Won’t Let You Experience The Same “Crash” As Sweet Snacks – Yes, definitely no crashing. Instead, it gives a nice boost of energy. Not something over the top but just calm and chill. It’s perfect for a Netflix marathon or an overnight pyjama sesh with the girls. In fact, it’s so legal that you can give it to your mom for Christmas – to let her relax for a little bit. Anyway, it’s a nice treat worth a try!