Best Ways to Eat Healthy Food While Still Saving Money

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Healthy eating seems more expensive and time-consuming compared to having unhealthy foods. Choosing foods that are harmful to our health is always the easy and preferred option because we think this is the easiest, best and cheapest option out of the options. However, this will put our health in jeopardy in the long run.

While it may be true that the busy schedule you live in today may hamper you from whipping up healthy meals, it doesn’t always have to be that way. With the right discipline and habit, focusing on healthy meals – whether store bought or home cooked becomes your chosen way of life.

Just because something is labeled as “healthy” or “low carb” doesn’t mean that it has to taste bad. In fact, most often, low carb and healthy are in conjunction with a very delicious taste. On your next trip to the grocery, you can start by substituting your usual unhealthy choices with their healthier counterparts.

The impacts of eating healthily has been proven through many study cases. People are paying much more attention to this. A saving healthy diet is a must because human priority is reasonable spending. Gone are the days of a healthy diet where you have to cut down on travel and social expenses. Now, it’s time for you to have it all: eat healthily yet still have a budget for activities to enjoy life.

The article will show you how to eat healthily and economically.  You don’t have to spend tons of money to have healthy meals. You can make things from scratch if you’re on a tight budget. There are plenty of easy recipes out there to make things from scratch. Plus, you can always have a meal plan, too. This means prepping your ingredients and food ahead of time, so that during the week, all that’s left for you to do is to cook or re-heat them. If it’s available where you’re from, you can even sign up for a healthy meal delivery. That way, you no longer have to go to the grocery, nor do you also have to do some cooking.

We aim to help readers have a robust diet to gain wellness at the lowest cost. 

Reasons Healthy Diet Is Essential

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A healthy diet is defined as a balance of three macronutrients and micronutrients. Eating healthy doesn’t have to feel like such a difficult task to accomplish. It’s really just simple. You’ve just got to watch what you eat. More so, be particular about the portions. It also matters how you plan and combine the different dishes you intent to consume for the week. This may take a bit more effort with the right planning, but your body will reward you later on with good results. This starts with having a good immune system.

That brings many benefits such as:

  • Protein keeps you full longer. Also, it helps your body develop, heal injuries and provide nutrients to build hormones that regulate physiological activities, neurotransmitter, enzyme, and antibody activity. 
  • Fat supports metabolism as well as plays a role in cellular signaling, immunity, hormone production and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Besides, healthy fat creates a feeling of fullness, thereby forming anorexia and ceasing to eat fast food. By eliminating unhealthy fast foods also saves us some cost.
  • Carbohydrate helps nourish muscles, improves weight condition or loses weight. This is the body’s main source of energy. When they are broken down, they travel to the liver to replenish the stored energy and then follow the blood to the body’s cells to support body movement and concentration. Constantly consumed as vegetables, carbohydrate is cheap and rich in calories, thus creating a feeling of fullness.

Macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are the concrete walls that nourish the body. Along with that, micronutrients, derived from vegetables and in a balanced, varied diet, are a compound that helps keep that wall stronger.

A smart diet gives us a healthy body inside out while still ensuring the best work productivity for human.

If you want to get the wellness yet enjoy life, shortly, eat healthily and economically from now on.

How To Start A Healthy Diet That Saves Money

First, you must prepare a healthy diet first, which is within your budget. In fact, many people give up right from the beginning of a healthy diet because they apply too many inappropriate ways. When we want to make a change, let’s start with a solid reason. As Tony Robbins said: “Find the reason, you will see how to realize it.”

To truly start a healthy diet that fits your budget, ask yourself how important it is, how it affects your life and what its benefits are. Once you’ve clearly defined it, you can review the things listed below and get started.

Healthy Eating At Minimum Cost

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Food is not too expensive actually. Usually, food prices skyrocket due to their production processes such as location, agriculture, genetic modification, technology, water consumption, transportation, and many more.

1. Healthy Eating Right From Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a favorite place to start. Usually, when it comes to cost-cutting, we often think of outside meals first. But in fact, we should start from our home.

By making the first simple choice, you will see the difference in spending each week. From the accumulation of that, you will have more money for other useful works.

Here are some tips to apply at home:

  • Eat slowly: Unless you’re aiming to gain weight, eating slowly helps you manage and maintain your weight because this process makes you eat less. By spending 20 minutes on a meal, you will be able to control food intake and not overeat.
  • Make friends with local agricultural stores, farmers or fruit sellers. The more relationships you have with food vendors, the easier and cheaper it will be for you to get delicious ingredients. You can pickle or freeze it for later use.
  • Use up all things in the fridge before you buy another one. Limit your waste by taking advantage of what’s available, but remember to pay attention to the expiration date.

2. Eat Healthy Food when Going out

Honestly, a delicious brunch is not a bad choice. Everyone loves going to new places, meeting friends and chatting in a cool space. And that is the problem we always consider and struggle when implementing a healthy yet economical diet. Don’t worry! Here are a few tips when you have dining appointments with friends.

  • Having a snack before going out helps you reduce your hunger and prevents you from ordering too much food without realizing it.
  • Go with friends to order and experience many dishes without spending too much money.
  • Choose plain water over expensive cocktails or latte. These are the things that increase your bill and damage your wellness.

3. Pack Your Own Meals

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be tough to make the right choices when you’re hungry. For some people, healthy meals just don’t fit into their schedules. Especially if you’re in the workplace, it can be very easy to fall into the temptation of the delicious meals in your canteen, or in your next-door cafe.

To avoid this, pack your own lunch and snacks instead. You’ll have more control over your expenses when you no longer eat out every single day for lunch. Plus, packing your own lunch ensures that you’re consistently on the same page with the goals you wish to achieve.

Make A List and Budget For Food

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If you often buy food in the supermarket, register your loyalty card to get the most attractive offers. Check out discounted foods in the supermarket and then plan your meals according to those foods. Making a grocery list will help you take advantage of your creativity and have the opportunity to enjoy new foods made on your own.

One important thing to save money is to build a budget for food purchases.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals needed to work effectively.

Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables will save you money as they are significantly cheaper than when they are off-season. Buy seasonal products in bulk and then freeze it to eat gradually, instead of spending on out of season food.

To Save Money: Plant A Small Garden 

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The dishes will become much more attractive with the green and seductive scent of herbs. However, the price of green vegetables is going up, besides, you must have many times worried about the origin of vegetable products and the number of pesticides left on the leaves of vegetables.

So why don’t you start your own small garden? You know, many families are choosing to grow vegetables instead of buying them at markets and supermarkets. You can start right away with a few potted plants on the balcony or foam boxes on the terrace. Growing aromatic herbs or a few common vegetables daily, you will surely save money and have nutritious green meals.

Choose Whole Foods

Whole foods have not been processed or processed as little as possible. Not only do these foods keep all the nutrients that are good for your health, but they also have reasonable prices because they don’t go through complicated processing and preservative additions. Best of all, on the online market, customers can quickly seek hundreds of whole food coupons, deals and discount codes to minimize your expense.

There are many ways to help you choose whole foods. For example, instead of buying bottled orange juice, you can buy fresh oranges. Similarly, buy and use whole grains for your daily meals. Moreover, the naturally sweet flavors from fruits are also much better for your health.

Drink Plenty of Water and Have A Personal Water Bottle

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Do you have a habit of drinking milk tea every day? Do you like soft drinks and fizzy drinks? These habits not only cost you a lot of money, but the amount of sugar in these drinks can easily make you gain weight. Let’s change today by drinking plenty of plain water. Filtered water has not only saved you a lot of money but also offered many miraculous uses. Drinking plenty of water eliminates stress, prevents kidney stones, reduces fatigue and is also an effective method to nourish smooth skin.

To make sure you drink enough water, have a personal water bottle with you. Many places offer free water, bringing your water bottle is a simple way to save unnecessary money.

Use Coupons and Hunt Promotions

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Definitely! In today’s digital age, online shopping has become more popular than ever. The biggest reason people like this form of purchase is because it has tons of deals, discount codes, and sale campaigns. Within a year, it is not tricky for consumers to find on-sale products or beneficial discount codes. If you haven’t used this method yet, give it a try. It will bring you the best price reductions and save a lot of money.

Imagine, you want to buy a weekly healthy meal scheduling service. It would be great if you could use a discount code or target their sale to buy premium products. You can hunt for exclusive health promo codes of many food brands on reputable coupon websites such as CouponUpto, Couponxoo, and GoodInfoHome, which will allow you to get quality food at the lowest price points.

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Final Thoughts

Even when you encounter financial trouble, you shouldn’t just focus on finding the cheapest items. let’s think about the long-term, what you really pay. Poor diet is the cause of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and many more. Fresh food may not be cheap, but it is certainly more affordable than hospital costs and medicine. In brief, healthy eating may not be expensive, but poor eating can lead to unintended consequences.