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Breast Reduction: What Are the Benefits?

While breast augmentation is extremely popular, breast reduction is also becoming a common cosmetic procedure that more and more women need every year. This surgery can truly improve your life, especially if you suffer from back pain caused by a large chest. 

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgery that doctors know as reduction mammoplasty. Through this medical procedure, the surgeon removes extra skin, excess fat, and tissue from the patient’s bosom area. Many women choose to try this to ease pain and discomfort as well as create a body image that’s well proportionate. 

Excessively large breasts are associated with a health problem called macromastia that can bring several issues such as the following:

  • Back, shoulder, and neck pain due to the breasts’ weight;
  • Rashes because an overly large chest traps heat and moisture which might even lead to skin infections;
  • Difficulty to exercise or perform daily chores;
  • Other problems: numbness, shortness of breath, etc. 

The Main Benefits of Breast Reduction 

After breast reduction, your chest size weighs less. There are plenty of benefits that this medical procedure provides. Here are some of the most important advantages of breast reduction. 

1. Alleviated Back Pain

Large breasts are also heavy, which might create issues like back pain and discomfort around your neck and shoulder areas. Lowering your chest size allows you to get rid of that tension while also lowering or completely eliminating the pain. 

2. More Enjoyable Workouts 

Breast reduction could also improve your overall exercising experience. You will be able to move a lot easier, and you’ll be more prepared to engage in intense workouts and more complex movements once you are pain-free. 

3. A Better Proportioned Body 

In some cases, the breasts can be so large that they look out of proportion in comparison to your overall figure. If that’s the case, and your bosom isn’t proportional to your body frame, you should definitely consider a breast reduction surgery. You will achieve a well-balanced physique, and you will have perkier and shapelier breasts. 

4.  Improved Hygiene 

A larger chest often means lower breasts that cause skin folds. These are susceptible to rashes and dermal infections. Breast reduction can help you prevent or eliminate that problem. If you’re already dealing with these types of skin-related conditions, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. One of the most commonly-met issues is intertriginous dermatitis.

5. Better Clothing Fit 

If you have excessively large breasts, finding the right clothing items that fit your shape properly can be a real hassle. Most women who go through this situation must purchase larger clothes that might fit their bosom, but they don’t really work well on their slimmer figure, which is frustrating. 

Having smaller breasts that complement your body frame, your clothes will fit perfectly, and you will avoid the stress of buying the right items or deciding what outfit to choose in the morning. 

Another important advantage of a breast reduction surgery is the relief you will get from your bra straps, which used to dig into your shoulders, causing marks, discomfort, and even scarring. 

6. Quick Recovery Time 

Medical technology has significantly improved and developed, which means that, nowadays, these medical procedures are safer, and they are followed by quicker recovery time. There is also little pain linked to this surgery. The post-operatory discomfort lasts only a couple of days. 

After a breast reduction procedure, you will be able to resume normal daily activities pretty soon. 

Breast reduction isn’t as complicated as it used to be. It is a safe procedure that helps you prevent or get rid of back pain and other health issues. Before making this important decision, you should always schedule an initial consultation and ask for your doctor to clarify all your concerns.