How Yoga Helps with Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged breasts can make a male feel unattractive and embarrassed. Getting rid of the extra breast tissue can be difficult, but with patience and hard work, it can be achieved. Yoga is one way in which men try to decrease the size of their breasts, without having an invasive or cosmetic procedure performed.

Yoga has been proven to help with male breast reduction. While it may not produce immediate results, it will begin to show physical improvement over time. There are several reasons yoga is a great way to reduce the male breasts, as you will see below.

  • Yoga burns calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose.
  • It has been proven to help stop gynecomastia in its early stages.
  • The exercise tones various areas of the body. This includes the breast area.
  • Cardio yoga exercises will help to strengthen the muscles underneath the breast tissue.

Yoga Poses to Help Male Breast Reduction

Anyone who already practices yoga will know that the exercise is about a series of poses in a sequence that will help burn calories, strengthen muscles, and tone the body. There are certain poses that will specifically target the male breast area when reduction is the desired result.

  • Headstand
  • Shoshasana
  • Half Moon
  • Leg Raises
  • Plane
  • Boat
  • Plough
  • Bridge
  • Camel
  • Lion

The above poses will not only benefit other areas of the body, but they will aid in breast reduction and toning. Of course, there are many other poses that can help as well. An experienced yoga instructor will be able to give you more poses to do to help with the reduction.

How to Make Yoga an Effective Method of Breast Reduction

While yoga is an effective form of exercise, it can’t reduce the size of breasts all alone. Healthy eating and a balanced diet will also help. Other forms of exercise might also be necessary depending on the severity of the breast size. Males often inherit gynecomastia from within their bloodlines. Reducing enlarged breasts might be difficult if this is the case.

By employing power yoga techniques regularly and maintaining a low calorie nutritional diet, the male breasts should gradually become less prominent. With patience, persistence and motivation, it can be done.

Nonetheless, many look into getting a surgical male breast reduction if yoga and other forms of exercise aren’t working enough for a person’s liking. Some men don’t have the time or the desire to exercise which is another reason they seek surgical alternatives.

When cosmetic procedures for gynecomastia are sought after, liposuction or surgery can be used. Incisions can be made in inconspicuous areas such as around the areola as to avoid scarring after the procedure. An experienced surgeon’s goal will include reducing the breasts to a size you can be comfortable with, and making sure that the surgery heals quickly and properly. To maintain the reduction, healthy eating and exercise will still be necessary.

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