C4 Healthlabs Review: CBD Oils That Achieve Results

C4 Healthlabs is growing in popularity for all the right reasons. Since coming to market, the company’s CBD oils and products have received nearly 1,000 reviews applauding the company’s customer service and product purity and potency. Nearly every C4 Healthlabs review offers an insight into how the product is being used, and to what extent it is helping the individual user. From alleviating skin issues to supporting mental wellness, the oils, topical creams and even chocolate bars are helping others successfully navigate their paths towards health.

A C4 Healthlabs review can tell you a lot about why and how to use it

Whether you are searching for CBD to help with eczema or anxiety, product reviews can help you decide what is right for you. The two most common reasons for CBD use are inflammation and anxiety. Inflammation comes in many forms, from psoriasis to arthritis and colitis. If the term has -itis at the end, then you’re looking at an inflammation-based disease or ailment. Harvard Health describes inflammation as a sign of something wrong within the body. Addressing inflammation requires healing the underlying cause.

CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation through its engagement with the endocannabinoid system. This system is often referred to as the most important physiologic system for health. Its interlocking mechanisms work together to create homeostasis, or balance. This balance translates into a healthy digestive, immune and nervous system, among other bodily functions. When these systems are out of balance inflammation occurs. External cannabinoids such as the phytocannabinoid CBD can supplement the system, helping it to re-establish its normal functioning and health.

C4 Healthlabs Reviews for Arthritis 

With this in mind, it is no wonder that so many reviews talk about reduced swelling, pain and irritation related to arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

A recent C4 Healthlabs review goes so far as to explain how much the contributor takes to manage her symptoms. As Louis M. explained in his product review for the Citrus 1,000 CBD oil:

“Cannot deny that taking about 0.75ml per day relieves my arthritis. I have skipped a week because I was traveling and forgot the bottle. Within 3 days the joint pain stopped. I have experienced this twice so I feel it works for me.”

For reference, a .75mL dose is equal to approximately 24mg of CBD. 

It is easy to scroll through any of the product pages on C4 Healthlabs and read through hundreds of reviews like this. CBD is a popular tool for those who suffer arthritis, and is often covered in articles examining the benefits of CBD for arthritis. Another user with osteoarthritis left the following C4 Healthlabs review and dosage. 

The 2000mg CBD oil is truly amazing. I have serious osteoarthritis and no other CBD oil has worked for me in the past. This oil renders me pain free for 10 hours with a 1mL dosage. Truly spectacular product! Thank you C4 Healthlabs! 

This user was leaving a review for the C4 Healthlabs CBD oil 2,000mg, meaning a 1mL dose equates to approximately 66.6mg of CBD. 

C4 Healthlabs Reviews on Anxiety

A C4 Healthlabs review on related to stress and/or anxiety often includes mention of better sleep. As we all know, the two are often intertwined. Whether the CBD oil specifically helps you sleep or reduces your anxiety, the combination of results only enhances the original treatment. Take, for example, this C4 Healthlabs review from someone who is using the 500mg bottle of CBD. 

“Helps with anxiety when I come home from work and am overwhelmed with things I have to do before bedtime. Also a noticeable improvement in sleep quality when I take CBD.” 

An even more in-depth review from another user explains why he chose C4 Healthlabs in the first place: 

“This is the first time I have ever tried CBD oil. I have been researching the health benefits and wanted to give it a try. I didn’t know where to buy it from. So I started reading reviews from others. The more I read, the more I found reviews saying to buy it from C4 Healthlabs with very positive results and a good, pure, organic product that has been around for a long time. I thought I would give it a try and see if I notice any difference and I did after the first week. I was sleeping and feeling better. It has only been 2 weeks now and I can sleep through the night and that is a huge difference for me along with feeling calm and centered. No anxiety and stressful situations. I feel that I can handle them with a calm and thoughtful mind. I highly recommend this product.”

Each C4 Healthlabs Review Proves Product Potency

While the 100mg bottles of CBD oil seem to be the most popular products, as far as the amount of reviews go, the remaining C4 Healthlabs CBD oils also garner strong applause. The 500mg bottles, available in both NATURAL and CITRUS flavors, are oftentimes the first purchases among those who are new to CBD oils. Further, the lower dose bottles sometimes receive the most personal reviews. An individual’s first experience with CBD oil can truly be life changing. From managing pain to finally finding a full night’s sleep, these first moments of non-pharmaceutical relief are often the most celebrated – and the reviews show that sense of elation. 

For example, a C4 Healthlabs review left by Shirley G, explained her history, experience with the oil, and plans to continue use. The full review shows the value she finds in the product. 

“I have only had 3 doses of the 500 mg cbd oil. I am 78 years old and my activity has dropped to zero due to joint and back pain. It is very painful to try to attempt to get out of bed or get up from a seated position. It usually takes 3 or 4 attempts to get to a standing position. My walking has been badly affected due to pain. Now for the good news…after only 3 doses of the C4 cbd oil I am able to just go right from sitting to fully standing and walking without pain. As a retired RN I am very familiar with medications and the fact that doctors won’t order pain meds so I have been forced to take over the counter ibuprofen, tylenol, aleve, etc. They are harmful to the liver, the kidneys and stomach. The cbd oil is as far as I know not harmful to the body’s organs. I am an artist and have been getting too depressed to paint because of pain. Today I am ready to paint and that is after only 3 doses. I’m taking the 500 mg. Amazing!!! I will move up to the 1000 mg next month. For those in doubt try it, see for yourself. I have tried other brands but this is the best!!”

Three doses of C4 Healthlabs CBD oil affected this user so much that she shared her story with an entire community. This willingness, if not eagerness, to share a positive experience seems to be common among those who take C4 Healthlabs products. These kinds of reviews result from positive experiences, in product purity and potency, as well as customer service. 

C4 Healthlabs reviews on customer service

Many people reference the exceptional customer service within their C4 Healthlabs review, stating patient, kind, generous, excellent and awesome customer service. Under almost every product, a mention of C4 Healthlabs customer service can be found. You can find everything from the simple accolade to actual examples of how C4 Healthlabs helped a customer find the information and resources they needed to administer their dose of CBD oil. 

Stephen W. wrote about C4 Healthlabs customer service in his review, stating, “I only use C4 Healthlabs CBD oil because of its consistency and customer service…both are excellent!” 

Another user went a little more in depth into her C4 Healthlabs review, making a point to include a paragraph about her customer service to her overall review. She told the community:

And the customer service was fantastic! My questions were always answered quickly and with relevant detail, and, when I had a problem with the child-proof lid, new “regular” lids arrived just days later. Thank you!

A C4 Healthlabs review can help you make your decision

The C4 Healthlabs website is filled with educational information on its methods of growing, producing and testing its hemp and CBD oil. Further, the website is filled with resources to discover the products and methods of application that are right for you. But it is the reviews that can truly help you decide whether or not to purchase a bottle of CBD oil or bar of chocolate. The personal experience of others is an invaluable tool when deciding which brand to choose. The stories of productive experiences in using the website and interacting with customer service paired with the success stories of people who have been able to kick dependencies on prescription medications or regain mobility should more than encourage you to experience the benefits of C4 Healthlabs CBD oil.