Can choosing the right sportswear make a difference?

When you’re choosing clothes for wearing when you’re working out, there are various things you have to consider – What activities are you going to be doing? What materials are they made from? Will they be suitable for what I’m doing? In this blog we’re going to have a look at the factors you have to consider and how much difference it can make to your workout.


Every sportswear manufacturer makes bold claims about why their new fabrics are better than the last type and have loads of science in their adverts telling you why they are better. Is this all marketing BS or is there a real reason that fabrics are better than others? Well in short, yes fabrics can make a difference. Moisture wicking fabrics take moisture away from your skin and this means that you can train for longer. Keeping sweat off your skin stops chafing and rashes. For this reason,breathable and moisture wicking fabrics are ideal for if you’re exercising. This even goes down to your underwear.

Cotton, though breathable, takes on lots of moisture when it’s wet and can become heavy and increases the chances of bacteria growth. Look at choosing fitness shorts or tights with a built-in crotch panel. These special moisture wicking garments are great, and you don’t have to wear underwear underneath, as this negates the moisture wicking effect. Moisture-wicking fabrics include polypropylene, spandex, polyester blends and wool, which is not only moisture wicking, but is great for keeping you warm in the winter if you’re running outside.

Wearing the correct equipment improves performance and aids recovery:

Yes, it’s true. Wearing the right type of equipment can change performance levels and have even been banned in sports for doing this. Look at the full body polyurethane swimsuits banned in competition. These suits were banned because they were decreasing times due to less water resistance. Most men will wear beach shorts whilst swimming. The pockets of these shorts add drag and slow you down compared to specialised piece of swimwear.

A modern trend in sportswear is compression clothing to wear as a base layer. These garments increase blood flow by creating a massaging effect. The increased blood flowreduces lactic acid build-up, meaning quicker recovery and muscles are less stiff.

Wearing specially design clothes increase freedom of movement:

Buying clothes that aren’t designed for your specific activity can cause problems with freedom of movement. A T-shirt or shorts that are not designed for working out in might causes restriction of movement, causing you to strain or perform motion incorrectly, which can cause injury.

Wearing the right equipment helps prevent injury

If you wear ordinary shorts when you’re cycling you won’t get the benefits of padding for your backside which can cause soreness and injury. If you wear running shoes for weightlifting or basketball you won’t have the right support in the right areas and this can cause strains and injuries. Not wearing a sports bra can cause soreness and damage to breasts. You get the idea. Make sure you buy clothing and shoes designed for your specific activity.

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