Is it time to go to rehab? 5 signs your substance use has gotten out of control

When it comes to substance abuse, it is difficult to be objective and admit that you have a problem and need help to overcome it. If substance abuse is negatively affecting your life, it is time to take a closer look at its effects on your overall wellbeing and come to terms with the fact that you may need to be checked in a rehab facility. Once you become aware of that and accept it, you’ve already made a major step towards recovery. 

So, is it time to go to rehab? Read these five signs that your substance abuse has gotten out of control and you need specialized help at a rehab clinic

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  1. You experience psychological symptoms of addiction 

Many of the symptoms caused by substance addiction are psychological ones. In fact, substance abuse is considered a mental health disorder. It is categorized as a disorder that affects a person’s brain and behavior. 

Here are the psychological symptoms of addiction: 

  • Inability to stop or control the frequency of use.
  • You continue using and abusing substances despite health problems.
  • You use substances as a way to “deal” with problems.
  • You’re obsessed with the substance you use, directing much of your energy to find ways to get it. 
  • You take risks to obtain the substance, whether that means stealing or engaging in other crimes. 
  1. You experience physical symptoms of addiction 

Substance abuse also has a major impact on one’s physical wellbeing, leading to various symptoms and medical conditions. Over time, substance use can impact a range of bodily functions and systems. More precisely, drug or alcohol addiction can lead to:

  • Withdrawal symptoms like cravings, trembling, seizures, sweats, diarrhea. 
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Damage or disease from using the substance, like incurable respiratory diseases, lung cancers, limb damage, and problems with veins and arteries. 
  • Insomnia.
  • Changes in appearance. 
  • Increased tolerance to the substance. 
  1. Your main priority is substance use 

When all you can think about is drug or alcohol use, this is another sign that your addiction has gotten out of your control. Addiction doesn’t just mean that you experience cravings to use that substance again. It also means that you treat abuse as a priority, whatever that may mean. You may direct all your money to buy more drugs or alcohol. Or, you may ignore your friends and family and isolate yourself because they don’t agree with your substance use. Or, you may not be able to focus on basic day-to-day activities because you “dream” about the moment you will be able to use the substance again. 

This strong desire to use the substance takes control of all your thoughts and controls your actions as well. 

  1. You increase the dosage to feel the effects

Another strong indicator that your substance addiction has gotten out of your control is if you need to increase the amounts of the substance you use to feel the effects. Over time, you may need larger doses of the substances to experience the effects. This happens because your body develops tolerance to the substance, be it drugs or alcohol. 

The larger the amounts you use, the bigger the impact the substance has on your overall wellbeing. Using higher doses also increases the risk of overdose. 

  1. Your friends and family members express their concerns

Substance abuse is typically a visible issue for the people around you as well. No matter how much you try to isolate yourself from your loved ones or try your addiction, substance abuse leaves visible signs, from changes in appearance to changes in your behavior. 

So, if your loved ones start expressing their concerns over your substance use, it is time to listen to them and admit that you need specialized help. Your friends or family members may say: 

  • “You’ve changed.” 
  • “You look bad.”
  • “Your substance use has made you act differently.”
  • “You look unhealthy.”
  • “I am worried about you.”

Time to go to rehab?  

Bottom line, if you experience these signs or simply feel like your substance use is affecting you negatively, reach out to a rehab facility for specialised help!