Category: Foot Care

  • 8 Must Know Foot Care Tips

    Are you having issues with your feet, such as dry, rough skin or even sweaty, smelly feet? Below are eight things you can do to take care of your feet. Wear Shoes That Fit Wearing comfortable shoes with a snug fit is essential especially for people who are frequently on their feet; such as runners […]

  • Hot Feet: What Causes It And How to Treat It

    Hot feet is a common phenomenon that many people experience at night, it basically involves feeling a burning or hot sensation on your feet that is sometimes accompanied by swelling, redness and a pins and needles like sensation. The causes behind hot feet are many, some of which are more severe than others, if you […]

  • How To Care For Your Feet Everyday

    Your feet are important. You walk on them, you run on them, they take you wherever you want to go, they help you carry things like children and shopping and they ensure you can wear the comfiest slippers, or the most beautiful boots. Feet are also essential for your balance. When it is cold and […]

  • Footcare for Seniors

    As we only get one pair of feet, so it’s important to look after them well so they carry on carrying us long into the future. Of course, as we get older, most of us will have some sort of foot problems simply as a result of years of use. There’s lots we can do […]

  • 4 Simple Ways to Care for Your Feet & Toenails Every Day

    Often, we take poor care of our feet, in spite of the work they do. Even when we bathe, we rarely take the time to wash and clean them properly. Our focus is often on other ‘problem’ areas. However, long-term neglect of the toenails can cause medical problems that take some time to cure. Toenail […]