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  • Fighting Off the Fungus: The Best Nail Fungus Creams and Treatments That Work

    About 12% of the population deals with nail fungus fairly regularly.  Nail fungus can make you feel insecure, cause you pain, and even prevent you from doing some of the activities that you enjoy the most. Above all, nail fungus infections can spread rapidly, potentially leading to some quite serious health complications.  We know there are […]

  • Mistakes You May Be Making That Can Hurt Your Feet

    Our feet are true power horses, and we definitely don’t give them the love they deserve. Typically, we don’t even think of our feet unless they hurt, but in reality, they need some extra attention even when they’re feeling fine. Because nothing worsens your day like achy feet, keep an eye out for some of […]

  • how to choose right insole

    How Shoe Soles Can Correct Your Walking Gait?

    A shoe is nothing without a sole. A surface that cushions our steps and that gives us the necessary traction to follow our path. But not all shoe soles are the same, nor are they manufactured with the same material. Depending on the purpose of the footwear or the use to which it is intended, one type or […]

  • What Causes Antalgic Gait and How Can You Treat It

    There are a lot of health problems that can affect a person in a lifetime. Some of them are easy to treat, while others require intensive treatments. If you experience pain when walking, it is common to develop antalgic gait. This problem can be temporary, or it can last forever if you can’t treat the […]

  • What Your Feet Say About Your Health

    Not many people know that the feet can tell a lot about what is happening in the rest of the body. It is possible to detect a lot of health conditions, from nutritional deficiencies to diabetes simply by taking a look at your feet. This almost insignificant part of the body provides a lot of […]

  • 8 Must Know Foot Care Tips

    Are you having issues with your feet, such as dry, rough skin or even sweaty, smelly feet? Below are eight things you can do to take care of your feet. Wear Shoes That Fit Wearing comfortable shoes with a snug fit is essential especially for people who are frequently on their feet; such as runners […]

  • Hot Feet: What Causes It And How to Treat It

    Hot feet is a common phenomenon that many people experience at night, it basically involves feeling a burning or hot sensation on your feet that is sometimes accompanied by swelling, redness and a pins and needles like sensation. The causes behind hot feet are many, some of which are more severe than others, if you […]

  • How To Care For Your Feet Everyday

    Your feet are important. You walk on them, you run on them, they take you wherever you want to go, they help you carry things like children and shopping and they ensure you can wear the comfiest slippers, or the most beautiful boots. Feet are also essential for your balance. When it is cold and […]

  • Footcare for Seniors

    As we only get one pair of feet, so it’s important to look after them well so they carry on carrying us long into the future. Of course, as we get older, most of us will have some sort of foot problems simply as a result of years of use. There’s lots we can do […]