Mistakes You May Be Making That Can Hurt Your Feet

Our feet are true power horses, and we definitely don’t give them the love they deserve. Typically, we don’t even think of our feet unless they hurt, but in reality, they need some extra attention even when they’re feeling fine. Because nothing worsens your day like achy feet, keep an eye out for some of these common mistakes you may be making that can hurt your feet.

Always going for the pointy shoes

Pointy shoes may be fashionable, but they can sure do some damage to your feet. This type of shoe has a small toe box, which can be harmful if you wear pointy shoes consistently. Small toe boxes can cause your toes to overlap and be permanently smashed together, which is just as painful as it sounds. Try to give your feet a break and choose shoes with round or square toe boxes.

Choosing the same size you’ve had forever

Just like the rest of our body, our feet do change quite often. Feet tend to grow and swell over time, so it’s important to get your feet measured at least once a year. This way you can accommodate your feet and buy some shoes in the proper size. Plus, having a doctor do this is a great way to ensure nothing else is wrong with your feet, such as needing treatment for flat feet, bunions, or corns. 

Choosing a running shoe based on what it looks like

While aesthetics can be an important part of anyone’s wardrobe, it’s a mistake to choose running shoes based on their looks alone. A lot goes into the proper ergonomics of the right athletic shoe, and you should never just pick a pair because they’re your favorite color. Instead, go to a sneaker store and speak to a specialist about your needs and goals for the shoe. They will be able to explain to you the different features you’ll need to be adequately supported as well as give recommendations. 

Ignoring persistent pain

Many people out there with aching feet think it’s normal to experience foot pain every day. The truth is that your feet shouldn’t hurt all the time, and if they do, then you need to speak to a doctor. A professional will be able to develop a line of treatment for you, whether it be holistic therapy such as special insoles, CBD oil products for managing the pain, or, as a last resort, minor surgery.

Breaking in your shoes

Yes, your shoes will become more comfortable over time. But “breaking in” shoes is a myth. Shoes are not meant to adapt to your foot, because they’re meant to be quite sturdy. So when you’re buying your shoes, walk around with them in the store for a few minutes. If they are not immediately comfortable, they won’t be down the road. Pick a different pair.

Going barefoot too often

It may seem more comfortable to go barefoot, but if you’re constantly standing on tile or hardwood floors barefoot, your feet may start to complain. This is because your natural foot pads on the balls of your feet will start to deteriorate if they’re not properly supported. So think about grabbing a pair of padded slippers with insoles to wear around the house as a long-term investment in your health.

With these tips in mind, you can now be mindful about proper foot care. So say goodbye to those barking dogs of yours and get ready to walk on clouds.