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Physical Therapy: How It Can Help Athletes

Physical therapy is an excellent tool to help athletes with injury recovery, muscle stress and pain, and other conditions that can occur during rigorous athletic activities of all kinds. It can also greatly improve athletic capabilities and strength.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy provides medical care that improves movement, helps to eliminate or improve pain, boosts movement capability, and assists in the recovery from movement impairment. Injuries of all kinds, particularly those that affect athletes, can be improved dramatically with successful physical therapy.

In fact, physical therapy is considered to be an essential part of good health care, especially when treating athletic injuries and the rehabilitation of injured athletes.

Chiropractors use physical therapy to non-invasively assist with injury recovery, and performance and mobility improvement.

Physical Therapy Benefits

Overall, physical therapy can help athletes through:

  • Pain reduction
  • Restoration of physical mobility
  • Improved post-injury healing
  • Decreased injury risks in the future, through enhanced strength and mobility
  • Enhancement and rebuild of patient strength
  • Improved motor control

A skilled physical therapist, such as an injury-trained chiropractor, can help athletes to fully regain the control of their muscles and movement.

In fact, beyond using therapy to relieve pain, improving mobility is a major component of physical therapy, with motion fluidity and enhanced flexibility being key.  

During successful physical therapy, the best ways to prevent future injuries will be addressed, including conditioning and training techniques.

Physical Therapy Can Boost Physical Capabilities

Along with pain control and healing, physical therapy is a terrific way to increase your physical ability and strength, as well as to prevent any related muscles or joints from injury. In short, 

physical therapy can prevent muscle weakening, and zero in on restoring and rebuilding your muscles, mobility, and athletic funcion – all without resorting to the use of medications or surgical interventions. 

What Happens During Physical Therapy

When working with a skilled physical therapist such as the team at Kim Chiropractic, an athlete’s physical therapy session begins with a complete assessment of the patient’s condition, followed by establishing a therapeutic plan for healing and rehabilitation.

With treatment and care reassessed at each visit, at Kim Chiropractic, physical therapy will work to realign the spine and the whole body, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation which can both cause and be caused by pain response.

The reduction of pain over a course of time is the primary goal of any good physical therapist; with increased mobility and strengthening to prevent future injuries following in close order. 

Athletes will typically receive physical therapy several times a week, and while the length of treatment will vary based on individual needs and injury severity, an estimation of when the athlete’s goals toward recovery can be achieved  is always provided. 

From injury recovery to full rehabilitation and strengthening, physical therapy is designed to keep athletes in the game.

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