Thoughtful Gifts for Baby Showers

If you have a friend or family member that is expecting, you will be thinking hard about what to get them for the baby shower. It is a special time, and you want to make sure that you get a gift that represents how special they are to you, and also celebrate their, soon to arrive, blessing. This year it might be difficult to have baby showers in person, but online showers are now a thing. Here are a few thoughtful items that should be a big success at the shower

  • Personalized Keepsake Box: A keepsake box is usually a beautifully created and personalized wooden box where a mom can store mementos and baby’s personal items, and has many fine examples.You can fill it up with a few dummies, teething toys, and a few soft cloths that come in so handy.
  • Baby Cam for the Car: When a mom must drive alone with the baby, there can be some stressful moments when the baby will make an unusual noise, but mom can’t see what is happening because the car seat is in the back and turned the wrong way. But now some clever companies have made baby car cams that can be set to give mom a good view of her baby from a monitor mounted up front. This way the attention can be on the road and everyone is at peace.
  • Shopping Cart Hammock: Shopping with your baby can be fun, if you have a nice place for the baby to rest. Most stores to not have carts with bassinets, so mom is forced to either fill up the cart with a car seat or wear a baby carrier to get the little one around. But now you can purchase shopping cart hammocks which can be hooked across the width of the cart and the baby can sleep in full view of mom. Now she can shop with two hands and have a bit of a rest too.
  • Memory Book: A memory book is a version of a scrap book where mom can keep photos and mementos of baby’s early journeys. A classic gift and available in many styles and locations. Memory books have been around for a while, but there are always new variations that can be very clever.
  • Handprint Footprint Kit: A clever new idea for a shower gift is a hand and footprint kit. While this may sound like something you do before someone goes to jail, this is not the ink on paper version of prints. In one version the kit includes plaster for making foot and hand imprints, and a frame that is divided into 4 sections. Two sections are for the plaster impressions and the other two are for the baby’s name and photographs. A very cool gift for the nursery wall.

Hopefully, this list will get you started with good ideas for baby shower gifts. It is a special occasion for a mom, especially a new mom, and so you want to take your time and get something extra special.