6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Do you feel stressed out? Maybe you deal with muscle pain or tension headaches on a regular basis. Perhaps you participate in a sport that leaves your body feeling tense and fatigued. Massage therapy can help to relieve many physical ailments and restore a person’s feelings of general well-being. In addition, a massage is a good alternative for someone who has been taking pills or medicines to relieve muscle pain, headaches, and other physical issues. Sometimes the results of getting regular massages can allow a person to avoid taking so much medicine to address a physical issue. Discover the benefits of massage to determine if this natural type of treatment would be of help to you.

Stress Relief

A massage decreases feelings of stress and anxiety by increasing the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system. Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for sending calming responses throughout your body. This feeling of peace and calm can last long after the end of your massage session. Getting massage sessions on a regular basis can help you maintain that feeling of calm throughout the day. Some people who get a massage walk away with the feeling of being a, ‘new person.’

Reduced Muscle Tension

When you’re getting a massage, it reduces the tension that builds up in your joints. This pressure builds up over time with normal walking and other physical activity throughout the day. Reducing muscle tension in your body can also increase flexibility. There are many different types of massage that address different types of muscle and joint tension. A professional massage therapist can determine the best type of massage to address your physical issues.

Improved Circulation

The gentle pressure applied during a massage helps to loosen tight muscles to get the blood circulating more freely. Tight muscles or joints restrict blood flow which deprives the area of a large supply of oxygen. Whether it’s an injury or tense muscles, a massage can get your blood circulating in an efficient way again. The right type of pressure applied to a muscle or joint can really make a difference in how that area feels. This feeling can flow through to other parts of the body.

Ease Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be caused by tension, an injury or overextension. Massage can ease muscle pain by improving circulation and raising oxygen levels to increase the nutrients flowing to the area. While muscle pain is being decreased, healing can take place in that area of the body. As the area heals it may become even stronger and more flexible than it was before.

Improved Sleep

Massage eases tense muscles and reduces stress levels. So, it comes as no surprise that this results in improved sleep. A person is better able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep when their body is relaxed and pain free. A relaxed person doesn’t toss and turn as much as someone who tries to go to sleep while still stressed out and tense from the day’s work and recreational activities.

Headache Relief

Many headaches are caused by stress and lack of adequate blood flow. Tightness in the neck, back and shoulders can result in tension headaches. Massage can help to relieve some types of headaches by loosening muscles and relaxing joints in the neck, back and shoulders. Imagine not having to take aspirin or a prescription to relieve headaches. Massage can be a positive step toward preventing and relieving headaches without having to take medicine.

Finally, these are just six of the many benefits of massage. In some cases, regular massage sessions have helped people to take fewer prescriptions for pain and feel more at ease in their daily lives. Massage is natural and there are many different ways to address issues happening with various parts of the body.

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