CBD cannabidiol products US consumers love most

Alternative health shopping list suggestions: Check out these featured CBD products released by Kushly.com, wholesaler and retailer

US consumers tend to buy CBD as gifts and personal consumption both in-store and online. Below we will talk about how to spot high-quality products and share a few featured CBD products worth checking out. Needless to say: if you are battling any of the numerous illnesses that CBD is known for treating, it is always recommended that you consult your Doctor first before making changes to prescription medicines.

The main reason we’d tip a quality CBD brand like Kushly.com is that they are a leader in the field of high-quality non-GMO certified CBD products: serving both the consumer and wholesale market. How serious is this brand about delivering the highest quality cannabidiol? The raw products used are all sourced from fully audited, FDA and US Hemp Authority certified farms which exceed FSMA standards – something we will discuss in more detail below.

A closer look at some of their best-selling CBD products:

Note to consumers and retailers: For the following CBD products you can visit Kushly.com which is a well-known wholesaler and online retailer.

THC-free gummies:

THC-Free CBD gummies give peace of mind to anyone who may be concerned about passing a drug test after taking CBD. It does not contain the psychoactive component of Marijuana – which is also a reason why those paediatricians who do suggest CBD as a solution for kids, will find it a good match. Besides, why let a child consume something akin to olive oil if they could be eating just a different kind of sweet that resembles a wine gum?

CBD anti-ageing cream:

Kushly Anti-Aging CBD Cream with Apple Stem Cells - 20mg

Americans know how powerful apple stem cell cream can be to reduce wrinkles and that is precisely why it sells so well. Now, Kushly.com helped retailers fill up the shelves with a game-changer: The same product that is infused with high-quality CBD. This CBD Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cream will no doubt be seen in beauty parlours, dermatology clinics and just about every serious retailer in the beauty industry – but you can certainly order it online from Kushly.com too. The manufacturers guidelines for application is quite straight forward: Gently massage a dime size amount onto face, neck and decolletage in upward strokes. Use in the morning and at night, every day.

Full spectrum CBD oil tinctures:

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Flavoured CBD is much nicer that something that tastes like olive or pot oil – which is what some folks say about ordinary CBD. So this is perhaps why Kushly.com tinctures are so popular: they come in many flavours like cinnamon, lemon and mint. When you take full spectrum CBD oil to treat any illness, remember it does not have to be one of those odd moments in your day: take infused CBD instead, you might find it is a better experience altogether.

What you should know about CBD:

You may be surprized that even though it is a recent phenomenon, up to 6% of Americans now consume CBD. Even though academic research led by scientists and doctors is moving slow, already there are so many US doctors who suggest the use of CBD for anxiety, epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases – which if explored in-depth, reveal more than 50 related illnesses, indeed a growing list. It just seems that despite many being “for” and “against” CBD, the power of the people has pushed it beyond tipping point. Unless any new research would discover arguments against the recent successes of CBD – who knows how big this health trend will become around the world?

A short “Buying guide”:

A huge mistake when trying to improve your wellbeing, would be to shop for “CHEAP CBD”. This is especially true in the US where consumers are price sensitive and “love a bargain”. Risks of cheap imports, include contaminated industrial soil which is such a common issue in China, as well as CBD made of hemp with poor genetics or modified genes.

The easiest way to verify both online and in-store product quality is to observe the product certificates.

Retailers and consumers are really in the same boat when it gets to product quality: Retailers cannot afford a bad reputation by selling poor quality CBD, whereas consumers would not want to risk their health.

Sam Conley, the COO of Kushly.com said the following: “Our fulfilment platform is proven and reliable and serving any needs for white label clients. We sell both Full spec and Isolate oils/products”. Besides helping businesses enter the market with whilte-label CBD products letting publishers participate in a cutting-edge CBD affiliate program, the company also sells CBD isolate. Recently, brands like Mashable, CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Rite Aid all started selling CBD. Regardless of who sells CBD – consumers should always check the quality of the product.


Thanks to favourable laws enacted by the Trump administration, Americans are enjoying the current boom in CBD trade. It is very clearly not “pot” since LOW or ZERO THC products are plenty abound. Beyond funky labels – be sure to ask your Doctor for their opinion and check the product certification. “Made in USA” is a worthy slogan when it gets to cannabidiol.