8 Unwritten Rules of Gym Etiquette

Did you know that in 2017 there were 38,477 gyms in the US

There are plenty of gyms around, however, it can be difficult to find the motivation to start going to the gym, not only do you have to do exercise, but you also need to think about gym etiquette rules.

If you are considering getting started at the gym to help you get in shape, then you need to know these 8 unwritten rules of gym etiquette.

Gym Etiquette Guide

Gyms can seem like very scary places if you have never been to one before. But if you made a New Year’s resolution to become fitter, lose weight, or get into better shape, then a gym is a great place. 

Starting at the gym for the first time can be a bit intimidating, however, it doesn’t have to be, as long as you follow our proper gym etiquette guide.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothes

One of the most obvious rules of how to start going to the gym is choosing appropriate clothing to wear.

Everyone is there to work up a sweat and eventually achieve their goals, but that doesn’t mean that they are prancing around in skimpy clothing.

Make sure you choose clothing that is cool enough so you don’t sweat profusely, but also so that you aren’t distracting others. There’s a whole range of sports clothes which cater to workouts, so head to your nearest store and get yourself some appropriate gym clothes. 

It is also good practice to take your gym clothes home and wash them. Nobody wants to stink out the gym with their sweat-stained clothes. 

2. Clean the Equipment

It is unavoidable to work up a sweat if you are in workout mode. You might have weight loss or gain goals, everyone understands that. But what you can’t do is just leave the equipment you used covered in your sweat.

If you’ve been giving it your all on the exercise bike, make sure you wipe down the handles, seat, and anything else that you might have sweated on.

It’s considered common courtesy to clean the equipment after you have used it. Make sure you carry a towel around with you, so you can clean up after yourself. 

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3. Don’t Hog a Machine

Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, for instance, if the gym is particularly busy then don’t hog the machines. If the gym is quiet, then, by all means, go ahead and spend an hour or two on your favorite machine. 

You will irritate other gym goers by hogging the machines and weights, so just remember that there are other people who will want to use the equipment.

Another rule about not hogging the equipment is don’t stand or sit in the way of other gym goers whilst you are taking selfies or chatting. If you aren’t using the equipment then stay away from it so others can use it.

4. Clean up After Yourself

Similar to cleaning the equipment, make sure you clean up after yourself. So if you get some weights out, make sure you put them back so that other people can use them after you. 

You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Don’t expect other people to clean up after you. If you fail to clean up after yourself, then you won’t be too popular at the gym.

5. Don’t Interrupt Others

Everyone is there to focus on losing weight, getting into better shape, or become healthier, etc., so don’t expect to make friends. Some people might want to be looking for friends, whilst others are just there for their fitness.

Never interrupt someone whilst they are working out, if you want to ask them questions or see if they want to be your gym buddy, make sure you wait until they have finished their workout. 

Interrupting someone whilst they complete a set is rude and can also be very dangerous.

6. Respect Others

There are many ways you can respect others, not interrupting them whilst they work out is one.

Another way you can respect other people at the gym is by respecting their wishes. For example, if they don’t want to talk to you or befriend you, you should respect that and go on about your business. 

Another way you can respect other gym-goers is by not staring or laughing at other people. Everyone is there to better themselves, so don’t judge anyone or make them feel bad.

7. Keep Noise to a Minimum

Keep noise to a minimum. No, the gym is not the library, but everyone is there to focus on their goals and they might find it difficult to do that if you are talking loudly on the phone or blasting your music.

If you don’t like the music at the gym, you can always have your own music. But don’t be blasting it through your speakers or headphones, because this might irritate other people. 

Just always be mindful of how much noise you are making and if you think you are being too loud, try to keep it down. 

8. Respect the Equipment

The final unwritten gym etiquette rule is simple; respect the equipment. You are paying for a gym membership, which means you’re loaning the equipment. Just like everyone else at the gym. 

Don’t go around throwing weights, or breaking the machines, because it is disrespectful to the gym and also inconveniences everyone else at the gym.

Visit the Gym, Follow the Rules, and Reap the Rewards 

Don’t be afraid to start going to the gym. If you have fitness and health goals that you want to reach, the gym can help you. Just remember to follow our gym etiquette guide and you will soon be reaping the rewards of your hard work.

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