Clean Drinking Water Tips

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Clean Water Tips

Drinking water has always been one of those things that is highly prioritized when it comes to good health. Whether you are an active person drinking a considerable amount of water due to loss through sweat, or just an average person looking for a drink of good, clean water, ensuring that the water you are drinking at home is imperative. With so much focus on water contamination from tap water, getting the clean, great tasting water that your body craves requires a high-quality water filter to get rid of contaminants at home.

Drop The Bottle, Turn On The Tap

Americans spend countless dollars each and every year on bottled water. In fact, in 2012, the BMC estimated that Americans spent 11.8 billion dollars on bottled water. The same source also conducted a study which found that bottled water costs roughly 2000 times more than tap water. With statistics like that, suddenly dropping the bottle and turning on your tap at home becomes all the more enticing. Afterall, if you can have great tasting, quality water at home, why shop for it elsewhere?

What Pollutants Are In Your Tap Water?

While the initial appeal of tap water is evident, knowing what pollutants could possibly be in your tap water can help determine what steps are needed to give you and your family the best quality of water possible. The Water Quality Association has identified many common pollutants evident in water samples tested across the country. A few of these contaminants are listed below:

  • Ammonia
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Bacteria
  • Nitrates
  • And many more

While your particular geographical location and water source plays a large part in what pollutants are actually present, it is a good bet that you probably have something in your water that you do not want in your body. A simple drinking water test strip readily available online will tell you exactly what it is that is in your water. Afterall, knowing what is there is the first step in getting the clean water that you are looking for.

How To Tell If Your Water Has Contaminants

While an at-home test kit or mail-in test is the best choice for getting an accurate assessment of your water quality, some contaminants are easier to tell than others. In some cases, merely the smell of your water can tell you a lot. An example of this would be the presence of anaerobic bacteria or hydrogen sulfide gas making your water smell like rotten eggs. Who would want to drink water that smelled like that? For specific areas out west, natural gas in the water can make your water not only bad tasting but downright combustible. Lime scaling, an off-color, and many other more visible ways of determining water contaminants can be just the motivation that you need to look for a way to get cleaner water at home.

What Do I Do About It?

After you have done the legwork and determined what it is that is in your water, taking steps to eliminate pollutants is easier than you may think. carries many high-quality water filters designed to give you the best tasting water possible. Refrigerator, under the sink, reverse osmosis and point of entry water filters are all available from our online store. Simply choose the type of filter that you are looking for, enter your filter number or select from the filter type and find the filter that you are looking for. If you are still having trouble finding your filter, simply message us or give us a call and we will help you find the filter that you need for your particular application. Our filters are designed to get rid of harmful contaminants like those listed above and can include lead, chlorine, iron and even asbestos. Yes, contaminants are an issue for some people, but a quality water filter can be the answer that you are looking for from

Why It Is Important To Change Your Filter

The presence of high levels of contaminants in your tap water can mean that your water filter will have a lower life expectancy. If you want to ensure that you and your family have the best access to high quality, great tasting water, changing your filter on a regular basis is extremely important. Regardless of the type of filter that you have, there is a life expectancy attached to it. Some appliances like your refrigerator can give you visual or audible cues to let you know when it is time to change your filter. Other types like point of entry and under the sink may take a little more hands-on approach. Regardless of the type of water filter that you have, changing your water filter is imperative to get the best quality, best-tasting water of your life at home.

How To Change Your Filter

While each unit has its own particular way and location to change the filter, once found, the method of changing should be pretty self-explanatory. Find your filter location, determine the type of filter that you need, order the replacement from, and get started. It is important to ensure that you have the direction of airflow installed properly to ensure proper operation of the filter. If you run into any problems during the installation, or you happened to order the wrong size, our customer service department can help get you on the right track fast. A simple message or phone call is all that it takes to get the right filter installed in no time.

Why Choose a Water Filter

With options like ClearChoice as well as name brand water filters, getting a high-quality water filter at an affordable price is as simple as it gets with While you could shop elsewhere, why go through the hassle of leaving home to get the filter that you need. Merely choose your filter, the amount, and have it delivered to your doorstep free of charge. It does not get any easier than that. If your filter is not the right one, send it back with our free return policy. If you need any more reason, visit our website or give us a call. Our service and quality speak for themselves.