Common Ear Conditions That ENT Doctor Treats

The ear is a crucial part of the human body encompassing different Chambers. Your infections are common in the middle and the outer area of the ear. Ear ailments can be troublesome and annoying, especially among children. However, they usually do not cause much trouble in the long run. There are several ear disorders, such as chronic infections resulting in a disrupted lifestyle and hearing loss. A few of the common symptoms of ear infection are inflammation of different parts, lack of balance while hearing, tendency to vomit, and balancing issues.

It is essential to identify any ear problems at a young age so that children do not suffer in the long run. You can rule out chronic hearing impairment among children by observing a lack of response, disobedience, and inattentiveness in school. 

It is sensible to approach an ENT specialist if you are dealing with the following symptoms:

•​Dizziness and severe earache

•​Continuous discharge or blood

•​Pain in the ear accompanied by high fever

•​Deteriorating or impaired hearing

Ear problems treated by ENT

Here are a few common ear ailments that require ENT treatment:

Glue ear

A serious cause of hearing impairment in children is glue ear. It targets the first few years of childhood. As the name suggests, glue ear is a condition when a sticky fluid fills up the ear, thereby preventing sound waves from reaching the cochlea. If the problem does not get timely treatment, it might cause permanent hearing impairment. A few symptoms include talking louder than usual, asking people to repeat, or wanting the television or music system louder. ENT specialists treat the condition by inserting grommets in the ear.


One of the most common reasons for earaches is inner and outer ear infections found commonly among children. Inflammation in the inner ear affects the Eustachian tube occurring due to cough and cold among children. Outer ear infection results from bacterial deposits in the ear canal. Ear problems in the outer area are common among people suffering from chronic skin conditions. Your ENT might recommend antibiotics to treat the issue. Some health experts prescribe pain killers, such as paracetamol, for temporary relief. Children having chronic symptoms might have to use ear drops, some of which are steroids. 


Tinnitus is an ear condition that results in the ringing of the years without any external noise. One of the leading causes of tinnitus is aging and exposure to noise pollution. This condition is more common among older adults. These symptoms of tinnitus involve sizzling, buzzing, and bushing sounds within the ear of the patient. Although, the condition of tinnitus is temporary. Yet, it might require treatment from otorhinolaryngology. To treat tinnitus, you need to get rid of anxiety and restlessness. Your ENT might undertake sound therapy to tune your brain, thereby making you less aware of the disorder. Some doctors recommend counseling and a therapeutic approach, as the condition is related to psychology.


A common type of inner ear infection resulting in swelling is due to cold and flu. However, the cause of Labyrinthitis is deposits of bacteria. Your specialist might prescribe over-the-counter drugs to ease the symptoms, thereby relieving symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting. Man must also consume antibiotics under the prescription of the ENT to treat the bacterial infection.

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