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Common Thyroid medication mistakes that you should stop right now!

Thyroid has become a common problem nowadays; it is believed that there are millions of people who suffer the same. Consulting the doctors at the right time and taking the essential medications is what one can opt for to get rid of thyroid issues. But apart from taking medications, one also needs to ensure that they are not committing the common thyroid medication mistakes.  Read further to know about the thyroid medication mistakes that you might have been making that you need to stop right now:

Failure to check the prescriptions

You might be having a common habit of handing over the prescription slip to the pharmacist and walking back home with the medicines without even checking it once. If you are having the same habit then you need to chuck off such a careless attitude as this may sometimes result in some serious consequences. Before walking out to make sure that the medicines handed to you are of the same brand as mentioned in your prescription and are of the right dosage.

Do not expect instant results

One may have a perception that things will be back to normal within no time. But you need to realize that these thyroid medications are no magic wands that can cure you within minutes. Also, this varies from person to person; some may start feeling a change within a couple of weeks whereas some may take more time in comparison. Thus one needs to be patient enough to experience the benefits of supplements and medicines.

Taking medications at the wrong time

Popping in pills at the wrong time is another mistake that people commit owing to their lazy and careless attitude. It is essential to take medications at the prescribed time for attaining better results. Doctors suggest that the thyroxine tablets should be taken empty stomach leaving a gap of about half an hour between the medicine and breakfast. And they say this for a reason, so do not try to be a doctor yourself and stick to the schedule as prescribed by the doctors.

Do not switch between the brands regularly

Continuously switching between brands may affect the TSH levels despite consuming the same dosage. So it is better to consume the same drug type and if you need to switch on to some other medications, make sure that you consult your doctor first.

Inappropriate storage

Storage is also an important concern when it comes to storing thyroid supplements. It is mentioned that they need to be stored in cool and dry places. So it is of prime importance to store the supplements in cabinets or shelves that are mounted at cool and dry places and do not experience much of heat. Exposure to heat and moisture can make these tablets ineffective and may slow down the cure graph.

Bottom Line

So these were a few common mistakes that people tend to make. Make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned above to fight thyroid with the right weapons to attain better thyroid health.