Considering Latisse? 5 Things You Should Know

You’re getting ready to go to a fancy party. You take out your mascara and while applying it, the brush decides to go rogue and poke you right in the eye. Ugh, it never fails.

There has to be a better way to get luxurious lashes than suffering from eye torture! If this is an issue you’re having you should consider trying out Latisse. It’s a serum that has the potential to stimulate lash growth but like most things in life, it doesn’t come without its fair share of risks.

Keep reading to find out more about these risks along with everything else you should know before giving this product a try.

1. It Can Darken Your Skin 

The product has the potential to darken the skin right under your eyes. The good news is that you won’t have to permanently look like you’ve gone through multiple all-nighters. 

Once you stop using Latisse your skin pigment will go back to normal after a few days. 

2. It Could Change Your Eye Color Too

You may want to stay away from Latisse if you have light blue eyes because could alter your eye color. Unlike skin pigment changes, if your eye color changes it won’t turn back after you stop using the product. 

While this is a rare occurrence you’re better off not taking the risk unless you don’t like having blue eyes. 

3. Your Eyes May Feel Dry 

If you have a history of dry eyes or use contact lenses you may want to carry a bottle of eye drops in your purse if you don’t already. Latisse can increase your dry eye symptoms and cause discomfort. 

If this happens you won’t have to immediately stop using the product. It’s more annoying than harmful. 

4. You Won’t See Results Immediately

It will take weeks of using the product for you to see any real results. Don’t get discouraged if you see minimal growth after only one month. It will take three months or more before you start seeing any big results. 

So, don’t get frustrated and stop using the product because it’s taking a while. Patience is a virtue. 

5. You Have to Keep it Up  

Unless you see negative side-effects of using the product you’ll have to keep using it if you want to continue getting results. If you stop as soon as you notice eyelash growth, your lashes will go back to normal within a few weeks. 

The good news about this is that Latisse prices won’t hit your wallet too bad so it won’t be painful to continuously purchase serum. 

Part of getting the most out of Latisse is by applying it properly. Check out these steps to make sure you do it right. 

Everything You Need to Know Before Trying Out Latisse

Using Latisse will allow you to wave bye-bye to poking yourself in the eye with mascara brushes and say hello to the luxurious lashes that you’ve always wanted. Use this guide so you know exactly what to expect before you give the serum a try. 

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