Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance, what is it? It’s difficult to describe it without using the word itself. Basically, it’s the rhythmic movement of the body to music, or even without it simply out of joy. But why is it so embarrassing for some people? These people aren’t typically uncomfortable with dancing; it’s just the idea of dancing in front of other people that get them so self-conscious. 

There are, although, people who dance to their heart’s content even amidst a crowd. They swirl and spin like they’re invisible and nobody exists at that moment but them. For people who don’t do that, some are shy. Others simply are reserved enough to not want to do it in front of other people. But does that mean they don’t dance? 

These people dance, even to their heart’s desire, just not in front of others. While these people belong to both genders, there is a stereotype of dance being feminine somehow. This only pushes men away from dancing especially in crowds and/or in front of other people.

While this stereotype is obviously very far from the truth, it is a thought still common in some places. This only makes the following fact more surprising, even if you don’t believe in the stereotype. When you think of the best workouts for men, what is your very first thought? 

Dancing for Men

When thought about traditional exercises for men, one would generally think of weights and strength training. Things like boxing and weightlifting would come to mind for many people. But one thing many people would miss or simply be unaware of would be dancing. Yep, you heard it right, dancing.

Despite the activity being more socially acceptable for women, it is actually very healthy for men as well. Other than it being a full-body exercise in itself with numerous health benefits, a dance workout for men can prove to be very psychologically releasing as well. Let’s discuss some of these benefits which include

Research has proven that dance can uplift your mood and reduce stress levels. It even has the ability to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety! Amazing, right? Heck, it improves memory and cognition too. Most people don’t even consider it an exercise because of how it doesn’t feel like one at all.

  • Cardio and Flexibility:

Men generally have less flexibility as compared to women. While science yet can’t exactly prove why that is so, dancing helps blur this thin line out.  It is an exercise that massively improves your cardio. If you’ve been wondering why all the dancers you’ve ever witnessed are in such good shape, this is definitely why. 

  • Strength and Injury: 

Dance comes with some extra benefits as compared to your traditional workouts. Other than simply being very fun to do, it greatly reduces the possibility of injury. This is because there is no repetitiveness in dancing as an exercise. 

This also means that all muscle groups are affected by dancing, unlike other traditional workouts. So less repetition means no overexertion injuries, more muscle groups being used, and ultimately, entertaining all around! 


After discussing all the health benefits that come with an exercise as enjoyable as dancing, there’s only one thing left to say. Dance like nobody’s watching. It’ll do you real good. You can dance in your personal space as well, where there’s actually nobody watching. You don’t have to be dancing in a crowd to gain its benefits. 

So go ahead, put on your favorite song, and dance to your heart’s content! We really hope this article proved to be helpful for you.