How to Safely Extend Hair – Which Method to Choose?

If you want more volume and short hair extensions, you can opt for one of the selected treatments offered by professional hairdressing salons. Hair thickening can dramatically change your hairstyle in a few hours, although you have to reckon with a considerable expense. The most popular method of hair extensions are nano ring hair extensions and snap hair clips.

Lush, thick or long hair is an unfulfilled dream for many women. Genetic conditions, past illnesses, prolonged stress or inadequate, aggressive care are just some of the reasons that are responsible for the appearance of your natural hair. Fortunately, there are more and more safe methods available on the market that guarantee immediate results and are a salvation for those of you who want to quickly thicken or extend your hair.

The most popular methods include:

Keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions consist of combining natural hair strands with the hair extensions, ending in a keratin tip, under the influence of temperature 170 degrees Celsius. For this purpose a special welder is used. Thanks to this method, you can wonderfully lengthen and thicken your hair, during one treatment about one hundred strands of synthetic or natural hair are used. Natural strands are better because they can be dyed, straightened and curled. They should also be properly cared for – wash them with very delicate shampoos and use a special brush. In order not to damage the natural structure of the hair, it is protected with keratin during the treatment. In this way, you can extend the hair quickly and the effect lasts from two to five months.

Sandwich hair extensions

Sandwich hair extensions, also known as banded hair extensions, consist of attaching tiny silicone tapes with artificial hair to the top of the head or at the temples. The tapes are very narrow and transparent, thanks to which the attached hair adheres very well to the scalp, you can model it just like your own. For hair extensions, natural Indian hair (very strong and best quality) and Slavic hair is most often used. The effect lasts about two months and depends on the hair growth rate. After this time, the strands can be peeled off, cleaned and re-sticked, using the appropriate care up to five times. Natural hair must be at least fifteen centimeters long, while extended strands are usually available in three lengths: 25 cm, 40 cm and 55 cm. Natural hair extensions can be subjected to normal styling treatments: curling, straightening, drying or coloring. 

Microring hair extensions

Cold hair extensions, the so-called microring technique consists in fixing the strands with special metal microrings (rings), which can be made of copper, bronze or aluminum. Their size, type and color match the structure and type of natural hair. Micro rings with silicone adhere very well even to delicate and thin strands and are tightened in place for up to four months. Thanks to this method the hair is not subjected to high temperature and its structure is not damaged. 

Another method of cold hair extensions uses the action of ultrasound, which connects the natural strands with the extensions in a completely safe and non-invasive way. This method is recommended for dry and damaged hair, the effect lasts up to six months. 

Laser hair extensions are the technique chosen by most stars and influenceors. The combination of natural hair with attachments is very durable and completely invisible. Laser hair extensions are suitable for all hair types, including fine and fine hair and with a tendency to fall out. This method is up to four times more durable than keratin extensions, the connections are flexible and adapt to the shape of the head and additionally it puts the least strain on natural hair. The effect lasts for about six months. During this time the hair does not need to be pulled up, which is necessary for other extensions. The treatment is very expensive and labour-intensive – the extension of a hundred strands takes as much as four hours, but it also gives the most natural effects.