Dangers In The Household

The household is where we spend every day of our lives, and most of us with children to share it with. It should be the safest place we can be. Walking outside of the front door you have dangers like cars, the sun, and many more. But the household is actually littered with dangerous items. There are various types of dangers that can lie within the household. The main dangers are bacterial and physical. There are a few different types of bacterial dangers that could possibly be lurking throughout any household. A certain type could be mold, such as black mold, that has burrowed its way inside of the walls. Even bacteria, such as e-coli or salmonella, are always a possibility in any household.

People eat raw cookie dough, or even brownie batter, all the time. There are some dangers to this very common activity. There are raw eggs that are inside of cookie dough and brownie batter. Raw eggs are dangerous in the fact that they increase the chances of someone acquiring salmonella. These chances are slim, only happening to one out of every few hundred people. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen in the common household, and it could happen at your house.

Another thing that could be a very dangerous mishap at any household is falling. With this danger there can be a lot more than just a fall. If there are guests over at the house and one of them falls, that guest has the ability to sue the homeowner, even though the homeowner wasn’t at fault. As long as it happens on the property, the homeowner is liable. That is why Acadia Law Group is around. They can help when these situations occur. 

There are dangers that are secretly lurking around many households. One major danger is carbon monoxide: the silent but very deadly killer of many people. Most of the time, people don’t even know that there is a carbon monoxide leak, and it can lead to someone’s death before any symptoms show up. This makes carbon monoxide one of the deadliest killers of any household. Many households are now coming with a carbon monoxide detector, which helps resident’s know if there is a leak where they are living. This is probably the best and most efficient way to combat carbon monoxide. Along with this item, make sure you have fire alarms installed in every bedroom of your home. 

Even items we use every day around the house can be dangerous. Cleaners are filled with chemicals. One of the most dangerous chemicals that is found in almost every household is bleach. Bleach can be very dangerous if ingested, and can cause great harm to the skin on contact. The best way to combat this and prevent any mishaps or injuries with this chemical is to keep it out of reach. With bleach, gloves should always be worn and sometimes even goggles. Getting splashed in the eyes with bleach or other cleaning agents could do permanent damage. Keep other cleaning supplies, such as oven cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners, safely out of reach. Put cleaners high up or in a locked cabinet so children cannot get to them. Keep prescription medicines in their proper, locked place, as well. 

Make sure if you are using stools to reach high places, that they are sturdy and can hold your weight. Don’t use a chair to climb up on to get to the high cupboard. Make sure you use a step stool that is designed just for this purpose. A fall could cause broken bones or worse. 

Experts say the best approach is for people to try to protect themselves, especially for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, and for young children. There are toxins in our food, plastic utensils, and water bottles. Wash your food before you eat it. Try to reduce the use of plastics as much as you can. Use glass water bottles instead of plastic. In general, we don’t want to be paranoid about living in our home, but be wise about the inside and outside products we use and keep them away from children and pets.

The household is meant to be the safest place for people, but there are dangers lurking everywhere in every house. It is important to always be taking precautions when it comes to the things that we use every day inside and outside our home.