Defeat your Demons: Techniques to Help You Overcome Bad Habits

Everyone has their fair share of bad habits and vices, some of which can be harmful to us in the long run, such as smoking or drinking excessively. While bad habits are difficult to overcome, the feat is not impossible. All it takes on your part is dedication and consistent effort to eliminate them from your life! These are the techniques you need to implement daily in order to defeat your demons and overcome bad habits forever:

Recognize your triggers

Bad habits stem from either stress or boredom. Reflect on the emotions you feel that kickstart one you possess. Once you’re aware of the factors that trigger you to engage in a bad habit, you’re able to quickly recognize situations in the future that put you at risk for suffering a relapse. This where you can begin to develop the self-discipline to stop yourself from unconsciously repeating a bad habit.

Find a healthy replacement for your current bad habit

Bad habits can always be replaced or substituted with a good habit that is both positive to your well-being and a productive action. For example, if you tend to bite your nails when feeling anxious, clean something around you instead, such as your desk or room. You are redirecting negative energy into an activity that is distracting but beneficial to keeping your emotions grounded. Since we inevitably have urges to release tension in the face of stress, it’s best to find actions that can help reduce it rather than make it worse.

Take it slow!

Realistically, you’re not going to overcome a bad habit overnight (even though that would be ideal!). Overcome it one day at a time and track your progress. For example, let’s say you’re trying to quit smoking. Start by reducing the amount of times you smoke within a day. After a week, try not to smoke for a day or two, and then gradually reduce the amount of times you succumb to lighting a cigarette. Don’t give up hope during the period where you are slowly taking steps away from your bad habit. Stay patient and strong! You are making progress, even if it’s in a small way every day.

Positively affirm yourself

Making mistakes is normal and human – therefore, there’s no reason to beat yourself up over relapsing back into a bad habit! As long as you’re determined on overcoming it, just take a step back from your emotions, analyze why the habit occurred again, and make a plan of action to tackle the situation you had just experienced because you will face it again down the road. Remind yourself of why you’re trying to eliminate this bad habit in the first place and tell yourself that you will succeed despite possibly making mistakes along the way.

Ask for support from others to help keep yourself accountable

Sometimes, in order to accomplish a goal, we may need to ask for support from other people.

Inform loved ones, or individuals you trust, of your desire to break a habit and ask them if they can keep you accountable for your actions. There’s no shame or harm in needing other people to encourage you to stay motivated and on track. Let’s say you’re worried that your tendency to drink when upset is at the point where it’s turning into an addiction. Your support system can give you their insight on the issue and even direct you to other resources or directories that help people undergoing the same circumstance, giving you the opportunity to find a community that wholeheartedly understands you.

In conclusion, no matter what your bad habit may be, there’s always a way to overcome it. While it may take some time, believe that you will have the strength and self-control to completely eliminate bad habits from your life. There will be moments where you falter or want to give up, but don’t allow yourself to stay trapped in a negative and doubtful mindset. You will succeed in overcoming your bad habit and feel incredibly fulfilled when you do!