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Dental Health Tips that You Should Teach Your Child

Parents have the task of teaching their children good habits in a variety of areas that impact their health. Dental health is no different as getting in the right routine early can allow your children to have healthy smiles for a lifetime. Rewarding good habits is important until it becomes second-nature for your child. Brushing your teeth does not have to be a chore but it is essential. Not only will good dental hygiene help your child’s smile shining but it will also save you money as dental procedures can be expensive. Taking a proactive approach to teaching your kids by brushing with them can make it a fun bedtime activity. The following are tips to help teach your kids about good dental hygiene.

Good Brushing Habits

The most important habit to teach your children to take pride in is that of brushing their teeth. Dentists that work with children on a regular basis tend to get through to children more than parents. Looking for  Fuquay family dentistry or a practice in your area can be very useful. Fear of the dentist is natural for a number of people due to the unknown. With good brushing habits, your children will not be scared of the dentist due to having no cavities in sight!


Getting adults to floss can be tough as it does hurt especially for those that have unhealthy gums. Your children can avoid all kinds of gum and dental issues with the right flossing routine. You do not want your children’s gums to bleed later in life so teach them the correct way to floss. It could also be useful to ask the dentist to show them as kids tend to think that their parents do not know anything.

Using Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Giving your child mouthwash can be too harsh for them if they incorporate a large amount of alcohol. There are plenty of options that are alcohol-free that are far easier to swish around the mouth. Your children can help make up for poor brushing habits to a point with the use of mouthwash. The beauty of mouthwash is that it can be used nearly anywhere as long as you have a place to spit. Try out a few different types of mouthwash to see which ones your children prefer.

Avoiding Sugary Foods

Avoiding sugary foods as a child can be one of the toughest choices that anyone can make. Teach your kids about the dangers of consuming too much sugar or drinking too much soda. Most children will make the right decision once they are informed but they will still follow your example. A parent trying to eliminate soda from their children’s diet is going to have far more success if they stop drinking soda. Children do what we do rather than what many parents say for the most part.

Your children are going to take a number of the habits that they have developed in your home into life. Everything from nutrition to hygiene can follow your kids for a lifetime so it is important to teach them great habits now!