Drink Up: the Amazing Benefits of Pressed Juice

In the world of diet fads, it is easy to be awestruck by new offerings every time you go into the grocery store. There’s always something new to try, but how do you know that the food trend you are investing in is actually good for your long-term health? 

It can be hard to differentiate a health fad from a truly-nutritious addition to your diet. One emerging health trends that can really do wonders for your health and well-being is cold-pressed juice. You might see these drinks being served at juice bars in college towns or in your local organic market. From a green cleanse to a ginger shot-infused red detox, here are some benefits that come with investing in this deliciously-healthy drink.

What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressed juice is not just any ordinary juice bought at the store. Instead, the fruit and vegetables in the juice are pressed by a hydraulic press, which uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract as much juice as possible. This method of extraction doesn’t use any heat or additional oxygen, meaning all the nutrients are saved without going through traditional pasteurization techniques. Instead, the bottled juices are submerged in cold water at very high temperatures which kills dangerous pathogens.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?

The benefits of cold-pressed juice are plenty. The following are just a few noteworthy benefits.

Additional enzymes and nutrients

In regular juice, the produce’s beneficial nutrients and healthy enzymes are lost during pasteurization. One of the benefits of cold-pressed juice is that you will get all the good vitamins and minerals in a drink form than if you were to eat the produce itself. Plus, you’ll get more of this good stuff per ounce than any other “healthier” juices.

Easier on the digestive system

It takes a while for our bodies to digest a piece of produce, meaning it takes a while for those calories, good carbs, and nutrients to enter into our system. However, drinking cold-pressed juice is an almost immediate way to get reap these benefits, as it takes less time for the digestive system to process it. Think of it this way; when we aren’t using all this energy inside of us to break down food, we have more energy to spend throughout the day. 

You up your vegetable and fruit intake without even knowing it

Drinking cold-pressed juice is a great way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake without even realizing it. These juices are just stuffed with all types of produce, and more often than not, you are able to get your recommended daily fruit and veggie intake in one container of juice. So instead of opting for a portion of frozen spinach or kale, do a web search for “juice near me” and pick up a bottle for a midday treat!

Not only does this efficient method of getting healthy produce into your diet take the guesswork out of creating healthy meals, but it helps those who are dieting and counting their calories be able to grab something easy and on-the-go.

Boosts your immune system

All the good nutrients in cold-pressed juice do wonders for your body’s immune system. There is a plethora of good bacteria in the juice, which feeds the body’s immune system naturally. So instead of taking a pill or a gummy vitamin, consider grabbing a bottle of cold-pressed juice — you’ll get the same benefits, but in a yummier, tastier form.

These health benefits go to prove that cold-pressed juice isn’t simply a fad, but rather a great healthy addition to anyone’s diet. If you are looking for a how to diet detox, try out organic, healthy, and local natural cold-pressed juice, and your body will thank you!