Drug Usage in College: What You Need To Know

Drugs and college are often synonymous in the minds of many as drugs are prevalent on college campuses both large and small. The availability of drugs and with so many young people in one area it can be difficult for college administrations to crack down on the drugs.

The fact is that many people use drugs in college then never use again as it is no longer available or they have lost the desire to experiment. There are things that students need to know about drug usage in college as it is different than any other area of life. The following are tips that can help guide a student away from drugs or get them to use in a safer manner as well as avoid trouble.

Binge Drinking is the Norm But Habits Can Follow You

Binge drinking is the only way many students drink in college as a majority of students engage in this act numerous times over the course of their collegiate career. If you have a family history of alcoholism it is important to monitor your drinking to a point.

Do not wake up with a beer every time you are hungover as dependence can be formed in a matter of weeks. If you find yourself blacking out every time you drink it is important to try to track your drinks as well as food intake to prevent this in the future. You do not want legal problems that arise when you get too drunk or do something out of character due to the alcohol that you have consumed.

Weed Isn’t The Gateway Drug You’ve Always Been Told About

With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use it is becoming clear that marijuana is not the gateway drug like you have been told your entire life. Alcohol has actually been shown to impact judgment in a far more intense way than that of marijuana. The amount of deaths caused by alcohol or due to alcohol related accidents far surpasses that of marijuana.

The important thing you should do is set ground rules that you will never break. This could be a certain drug or never trying anything besides alcohol. Surround yourself with people that do not break this rule as there will always be peer pressure if someone is passing around a joint or has cocaine.

Weed use has actually gone down among young people in states where the drug is legal which adds to the notion of the forbidden fruit hypothesis of the demand for drugs.

Never Bring Drugs Into Your Dorm

While you can never support drug usage it is important to realize that if you are going to do any type of drug it is important to keep them off of campus. You do not have the legal rights that you have if you live off of campus as campus police can search or enter your room at any time. Do not even let a roommate keep anything in the room as you could end up taking the blame as fingers get pointed when drugs are found in a shared area.

As you can see the most important thing about drug use in college is staying safe. Do not drive after drinking or smoking weed under any circumstances as Uber can literally be a lifesaver. Drug use can be avoided completely on campus if you avoid situations where you know drugs will be around. College is a great time, do not mess it up by getting arrested for any reason.