Eating Disorder Treatment – 4 Ways to Improve Your Focus on the Complete Self

Seeking eating disorder treatment takes strength and bravery, along with some awareness that positive changes in behavior are needed. But along with that, the patient will need a stronger focus on their whole self. Just treating one aspect of disordered eating doesn’t address all concerns and symptoms that have developed as a result of the eating disorder. Because of that, the best eating disorder treatment is the one that works for the patient, and that provides them with hope and tangible skills. Tending the soul and the body both matter. Here are four ways for a patient to focus on their complete self when they’re undergoing treatment on their way to being fully recovered.

  1. Be Open to Trying New Ways of Doing Things

While an individual may be used to doing something a particular way, being open to making changes during treatment is a vital part of healing. That’s because new patterns need to be developed if the patient is to change the negative perceptions and behaviors that prevent full recovery. In the past, the patient may have arranged many parts of their life around their eating disorder, which can mean they became stuck in a repeating cycle of repetitive behavior.  Learning how to try new things can be extremely important for patients who are in the process of treatment for an eating disorder.

  1. Listen Carefully to What Your Body is Saying

The body generally lets on when something is wrong. Part of eating disorder treatment is to help the individual learn to understand their body more clearly. That way they can be more attuned to behaviors which are positive and nourishing. As a patient moves toward being fully recovered, they also learn to listen to what their body is saying overall, and to focus on accepting their self-worth, both physically and mentally.

  1. Seek Help for All Issues, Not Just One at a Time

In some cases, it really may be necessary to handle only one concern at a time, but that doesn’t mean a patient shouldn’t discuss or be aware of the other issues they’re facing. By getting everything out in the open and treating the whole self, an individual can work toward creating a sound treatment plan with the eating disorder treatment team. Then working toward being fully recovered and building a strong focus on overall wellness are both possible.

  1. Remember That True Self Care is Never Selfish

One of the most important things about the best eating disorder treatment for any patient is self-care. This type of holistic care is designed to guide individuals in treatment to nourish and care for themselves. Increases in self-worth and self-acceptance can help any patient move toward better self-care, and vice-versa, replacing a negative cycle with a positive one. It’s not selfish to care about oneself, and patients who realize the value of self-care can come out stronger and more prepared to handle their life in the best way possible after treatment.