Effects of HGH on the Human Body

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone. In our body this hormone regulates the overall growth and development. Pituitary gland is responsible for production, storage and secretion of the growth hormones. The somatotroph cells of this gland produce growth hormone. Till puberty, the human body is flooded with growth hormones that help us during the growth years however as we cross this stage, the secretion of hormone from the pituitary gland declines.

To meet with the decline in growth hormone level, we can make use of natural and best HGH supplements that are known to restore the GH levels to normal. These supplements are quite popular and millions of people are already reaping their benefits. Mostly people ask the same question when they first start making use of the HGH supplements as to how soon can they see the results. To be honest there is no solid answer to this question and results differ from one individual to another based on their health, current GH levels and lifestyle.

Here we will try to provide you a detailed month by month benefits guide that you can expect after using growth hormone supplements.

How Long Does It Take To See HGH Results?

First of all you need to be patient with use of these supplements. Our body needs time to adjust according to the increased growth hormone. This might take a few weeks. You will start seeing results within a month or so. Don’t expect any miracle to happen in a night.

Results after 1 Month

HGH will start triggering change in your body as soon as you start using it. Foremost changes will occur in the form of boosted energy and strength.

Results after 2 Months

Physical changes will start to show up in form of glowing skin with improved texture and radiance. Muscle tone will also get better. Muscle growth takes place because of cell regeneration and this will also benefit your eye muscles that weaken with age thereby showing positive benefits as far as your vision is concerned. Your metabolism will also become efficient by the second month and will burn the body fat faster.

Results after 3 Months

By this time you will see better hair growth and texture of your hair will also improve. Bones will get stronger and denser. Your joints will get stronger and if you are suffering from joint pain then you will be benefited to a great extent.  

Results after 4 Months

Improved mood, skin texture, stamina and endurance, you will get to live the youthful body experience again on 4 months HGH cycle completion.

Finally by the end of 6 months cycle, you will have a body that is low on fat, with more lean muscle mass, high energy and full of vitality. So these are some of the benefits that you may enjoy with HGH if you take the HGH releaser properly and follow the administration and dosage as prescribed by your doctor.

Photo by raniel diaz