Evaluating Company Values

Evaluating Company Values

Values are guiding principles in a company for a significant period. They are what enable companies to perform their daily operations. Values are deeply held priorities, underlying assumptions and convictions that influence the attitude and behavior of service members in companies. It is, therefore, essential for an organization to know how to evaluate their core values. This text is about how a company can determine their core values, according to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg.

The following represent ways of assessing the company’s core values:

1. Assigning who is in charge

Sudberg says that companies need to identify who will lead the evaluation process, an individual or several people. Jordan says it is critical to agree on how to carry out the accountability of the people who are supposed to do the core value assessment so that they can do it without personal motives. Sudberg believes it is hard to forego what we’re used to doing so that we can achieve something that is not part of our daily routine.

2. Getting everyone aboard

Dr. Sudberg believes it is essential to get commitment from the co-founders, C-suit, and the executive leadership team. This team must have core values to define how they will communicate with other company workers. Sudberg says it will be easier to evaluate a company’s core values when everyone participates and focuses on them.

3. Taking input

Dr. Jordan Sudberg says the team created to evaluate the core values should find other companies from the same industry and check their core values. He thinks it would be best to create a draft of the core values of other companies and use them to survey the people in the company to be assessed while asking for feedback.

4. Making it clear

Sudberg says a company should consider what different core values mean to their company. This can be done by presenting all core values internally and surfacing any concerns that may arise.

5. Creation of a new corporate value culture

After successfully assessing the core values, it is essential to embed them within the company to ensure they carry on. Dr. Sudberg says all processes should be aligned with corporate values. Jordan says a company should develop a method enabling everyone to remember the core values and live by them. Jordan recommends that companies organize prizes that one can achieve after undergoing some challenges so that the core values can be followed.

Final word

Corporate values matter when things need to be aligned. They also matter when there is no clear way forward. Some periods may be uncertain, and the company needs to move forward. Therefore, companies need to have core values to make wise decisions. Corporate values guide the company in times of confusion or difficulty. A company’s core values must be evaluated because they represent it to clients, stakeholders, and the general public.