Everything You Need to Know About Kratom

Kratom is a tropical evergreen plant that grows in the wild in southern and central Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The plant is known for having hanging clusters of yellow flowers, and throughout its growth, it reaches up to 13 meters. It has different uses in medicine and traditionally, the leaves were dried and brewed as tea or consumed with water. Since past few years, the visibility and usage of kratom has increased and users have used it for either recreational purposes or as a medical solution.


The use of kratom can be traced to ancient communities in regions around Malaysia, where it is documented that in the 19th century it was used as a sedative or a replacement for opium. Public knowledge about kratom started to flourish starting early 2000s, and this was mainly due to the emergence of online message boards. Several governments enforced legislation to ban the use of kratom without license. In 2005, Australia banned the sale of mitragynine and in Thailand the Kratom Act also came to effect, something that led to many arrests in 2005.

Current Uses

Kratom is used for various purposes and the medical world has especially benefited from this. It is now available online and many users prefer it for recreational purposes. A survey conducted in 2014 showed that kratom is one of the top 20 most used drugs in Hungary. It has, despite the ban, remained popular in Thailand and of 1000 teenagers who were interviewed, 94% used the substance.

The substance has also been useful in Pharmacology and this is because it contains indole alkaloids mitragynine as well as hydroxymitragynine. It has many active compounds that are still under investigation to reveal the real benefits of the plant and whether it can be of any use in the medical field. However, people still use it for the treatment of different ailments and some of them have reported good results.


Taking a moderate dose of dried leaf (between 3 and 6g) is okay, but you should know that dosage ranging from 5g is considered very strong. Many users consume kratom with water or fruit juice. When consumed on an empty stomach, the effect of the drug can be felt in about 15 minutes and its intensity builds up gradually. Taking stronger does might come with shorter onset. You can refer to this guide from bestkratom.com for more information about how to use the drug properly.

Usage Precautions

It has been observed that many users get thirsty after using kratom, so if you are not used to the drug you are advised to have water to hand. You may also experience nausea, which can be handled by staying still until it subsides. After consuming kratom, you should avoid driving and other activities that may put you and others on the way of danger.

Kratom is one of the drugs on the rise that has been elected for recreational use and despite its ban across different parts of the world, it is fast becoming a choice among many people looking for intoxication. Its use also comes with some effects, so you need to observe precautions to ensure you are on the safe side.