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Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Strains

You can think of marijuana strains as varieties of the same stuff. You’ve probably heard of types of marijuana like sativa, hybrid, and indica. Even though there are more, most people divide marijuana strains into these three categories. Marijuana strains have slightly different properties, often due to their different concentrations of cannabinoids. This means they have different effects, depending on the one you take. They also have slightly different requirements for growth—the conditions where they thrive the most.

Speaking of different effects, some people say that while indica gives you a relaxing effect, sativa is more likely to make you energetic and giddy. As its name suggests, the hybrid is a combination of these two effects. 

However, experts are now suggesting that these three broad categories aren’t really explanatory about the properties of these strains. For example, while indica can help you relax, it’s not surprising for you to get some elation or feelings of euphoria from it as well. That means it’s much more accurate to view marijuana in terms of strains instead of broad classifications. 

The Real Classifications

Marijuana can be bred in so many different ways. This means it can be cultured to have different effects on the user. These unique breeds are called strains. The interesting thing is that even with a specific strain of marijuana, the effects you feel may also vary, depending on where you get them from. What this means is that you could buy the same strain from two different sources, and get different effects. 

As a result, it’s always best to get your marijuana from a reputable source. Preferably, it’s the one that’s been dealing with marijuana strains like Tale of Two Strains. Additionally, you want to keep buying from one source if you want your effects to stay consistent.

While shopping for marijuana strains, here are some of the ones you might come across:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Blue Dream

Sour Diesel 

Don’t mind the name. Sour Diesel tastes nothing like diesel (if you’ve ever tasted diesel before). You can think of its effects as similar to the way diesel fires up an engine. Sour Diesel is a high energy strain that can lift your mood any day. Besides giving you a great burst of energy, it also has pain and stress-relieving effects. 

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold tells you exactly where it is from—Acapulco, Mexico. This strain of marijuana is one of the most popular and beloved strains, and for a good reason. It’s guaranteed to give you a nice dose of euphoria and some energy on the side. Acapulco Gold will have you feeling great in no time. Besides these effects, it’s also known to help reduce pain, fatigue, and even help with nausea. It’s basically marijuana’s gold!

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is arguably the most appropriately named strain on this list. It makes you feel exactly as the name suggests—like a dream. Blue Dream eases you into a relaxed, soothed state of being. However, it’s not entirely sedative, so you don’ have to worry about falling asleep right after taking it. Blue Dream is also known to ease pain, cramps, and inflammation in its users.