Five Ways To Increase Your Life Expectancy

The general life expectancy of a human being is about 78 years, but your life expectancy will fluctuate depending on what type of life you live and what habits you have picked up. You could live longer if you take care of yourself and stay safe when it comes to lifestyle events. You could live a much shorter life if you contract an illness.

If you want to attempt to live as many years as possible, there are some things that you can do that will help expand your lifespan. The main things is to take care of yourself, be healthy, and take time to care for yourself and relax. Here are some things that can help you live longer.

Change Your Diet

A healthier diet is one of the quickest ways to a longer life. A healthy diet includes cutting back on sugar and salt intake. It means getting enough vegetables and fruit in your diet. It even means taking vitamins, if needed, so that you get all of the nutrients your body needs in order to be healthy.

Talk to your doctor about healthy eating habits and follow the USDA’s recommendation for diets. Eat as many fresh foods as you can, and bake from scratch, instead of cooking and baking out of a box all the time.

Stop Smoking

Each cigarette you smoke, and each year you remain a  smoker, the shorter your life gets. Plus, you are also damaging the health of the people around you that are breathing in your smoke. If your smoking gives you lung disease or cancer it drains your lifespan even more.

Start Exercising

Fitness does more for you than just helping you lose weight, which is also good for your health, it also helps your lungs and your heart health. A good cardio workout is the best thing for your heart health and expanding your life. Keeping your middle thinner also reduces your chances of heart disease.

Go To The Doctor

Regular visits to the doctor’s office, even just for a physical or checkup, also help you live longer. Part of this is because your doctor can detect problems early and help get you on the path to health and recovery faster when something does go wrong.

Enjoy Life

And, last but not least, don’t forget to take time out once in a while to enjoy life. If you aren’t having fun, don’t have friends, and don’t take time to do things that you enjoy, then what is life worth living for anyway? Do things that you love and do them with the people you live every chance you get!

You aren’t going to live forever, but why not strive to live as many years as you can, and be healthy while you are living them?