Ways to Minimize Anxiety When Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist is an activity that most no one likes to partake in. The idea of going into a sterile room, lying in a chair, and being forced to remain there completely still with your mouth cranked open for at least an hour is not most people’s idea of a fun time.

Sometimes it’s not so bad when you’re just in for a cleaning. Granted, there is a little awkward banter with your hygienist while they have their hands in your mouth and you try to muffle out an answer to their small talk questions, but overall, a cleaning isn’t terrible.

What’s terrible is when you’re going in for some more serious work that involves needles, pliers and other god forsaken tools that don’t belong anywhere near your mouth. For times like these, you need help minimizing your anxiety so that the procedure can go on without a hitch and you can get out of there as fast as possible.

Limit Caffeine and Eat Something

If you’re already feeling anxious about going to the dentist, the best thing for you to do is avoid drinking anything with caffeine before your procedure. The caffeine will rattle you up and enhance your anxiety, not to mention, make it hard to sit still in the chair.

If you eat something before you go in for a procedure, your body will be busy digesting and you’ll feel much more relaxed. Avoid sugary foods, as they will make you jittery and they might be the reason you’re going into the dentist for the procedure in the first place. Try eating some nuts or spinach. They’re proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Choose the Right Dentist for You

Why stick around with a dentist that isn’t right for you? There are many factors involved in deciding if you’re currently seeing the right dentist. When choosing, make sure the the office is one that is warm and inviting, while being clean. Nobody wants to go in for a procedure and feel like they’re entering the gates of a cold, sterile hell.

Another thing to consider when selecting a dentist is making sure they know you well enough to make you comfortable during your procedure. If you hate needles, your dentist should know. If you’re still looking around, select a dentist who uses Injex, an anesthesia system that is virtually pain free and reduces your anxiety.

Less anxiety creates a shorter procedure time and a better overall experience. Once you’ve had a couple great experiences at the dentist and you’re able to build trust with those performing the procedure, your stress levels related to going to the dentist will all but disappear and you’ll be left happy, healthy, and cavity free.