Get All the Flavors of Tepache in a Can

Your guide to finding different flavors of Tepache in a can. 

Are you tired of drinking the same old beverage again and again? Well, there are plenty of different kinds of beverages that have a distinct yet exciting taste. 

For instance, you can find fermented beverages, like tepache that has the sweetness of a juice, along with a strong, peculiar taste of the ferment. 

Now, what is tepache and what kind of flavors can you get in a tepache can? 

What is Tepache Drink and What Does It Consist Of? 

Tepache is a type of fermented Mexican beverage that is specifically made from a pineapple rind and peel. 

For the sweetness, brown sugar or piloncillo is used. Moreover, it is also topped with a little bit of cinnamon, and lastly, is served chill. 

It differs from other beverages as it is fermented for a few days that gives it a pleasantly strong taste. 

However, keep in mind that even though tepache is fermented, it is not alcoholic. Thus, it won’t make you drunk in any way as unlike alcoholic drinks, the fermentation is not done for months or years. 

This makes it perfect as a fermented beverage without a lot of alcoholic content. 

Now, tepache can also come in various different flavors that we’ll see next! 

Flavors of Tepache in a Can 

If you’re looking for a new flavor to try in a tepache, rather than a basic pineapple one, you can find various options. 

Some of the flavors of tepache you can get in a can include: 

1. Tamarind Citrus

Are you a fan of beverages that have a sour yet sweet tinge of flavor? Well, tepache cans come in tamarind citrus flavor that is a great option for you. 

Citrus is known to have a sour and tangy taste that will leave you wanting for more. Additionally, tamarind also contributes to adding the sour flavor to the sweet tepache drink. 

Thus, making it a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors. 

2. Pineapple Spice 

Another option you can have is a simple pineapple tepache with a little bit of spiciness! 

If you have ever tasted pineapple with some added spice, it is definitely worth eating over and over again. 

So, if you want to have a similar experience once again, or even if you want to try something in the pineapple flavor, you can go for pineapple spice. 

3. Ginger Apple

Ginger can add a fresh taste to anything. So, what happens when the freshness of ginger meets the sweetness of apple and pineapple? 

Well, you will surely get a unique and blissful tepache beverage! 

If you want to feel the freshness of ginger, along with the ripe and sweet flavor of apple, then you ought to go for this flavor in a tepache can! 

4. Mango Chili 

Pineapple is a famous tropical fruit but do you know which other one is equally amazing? Well, it is our childhood favorite fruit, mango!

However, if you don’t like the explosion of sweetness in a beverage, this flavor also comes with chili that balances out the sweetness with its own spicy twist. 

5. Orange Turmeric 

Orange turmeric tepache flavor may not sound like the best one out there. However, with the tanginess of orange and turmeric, this flavor is also a great one. 

Wait, that’s not all! This beverage also has a lot of health benefits as it can help in improving overall immunity too. 

So, that is all about finding plenty of different flavors of tepache in a can. You can choose your pick depending on your mood and relish in the uniqueness of this healthy Mexican beverage. 

Final Thoughts

Tepache is one of the tastiest beverages that also come in different amazing flavors. 

Moreover, it has many health benefits and unlike other aerated beverages, won’t cause any harm to you or your body!