Get Radiant Skin By Improving Your Digestion

While many people overlook their digestive health, the role of your digestive system on your body is essential. Your body has to be able to break down food and then absorb those nutrients in order to run optimally. One of the ways that you may suffer from poor digestion is by having dull, unhealthy looking skin. Your skin’s tone, appearance, and texture can all be affected both positively and negatively by your digestive health. In order to optimize the nutrients you absorb every day, use these strategies to improve your digestion. 

Stay Hydrated

There’s almost nothing better for your digestive system than water. Water works to speed up your digestion, helping your body to break down and absorb nutrients at the optimal rate. It also works to flush out toxins and other harmful substances in your system. Finally, drinking plenty of water is a good idea since it is absorbed into your body and then keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy. When you become dehydrated, you’ll notice that your skin takes on a flat, dry appearance. Aim for 8 glasses every day, or more if you exercise regularly. 

Limit Your Fats

Fat actually works in the body by slowing down digestion. When you eat a high-fat meal, digestion physically slows down, causing your system to not work as well. Also, depending on the type of fat that you’re eating, your body may also suffer. While lean cuts of meats and fats from plant sources are actually beneficial in limited quantities, you’re going to tax your digestive system by choosing high fat pork and beef products. Look for leaner cuts of meat when possible and try to choose your fats wisely. Your face and skin will show all the difference. 

Take Probiotics

Probiotics are getting a lot of media attention for their role in digestive health. Basically,probiotics are living organisms which stay in the small intestine and help you to break down food, increasing the amount of nutrients that your body can absorb. If you don’t eat yogurt, you may not be getting the live cultures of probiotics that you need. Take a probiotic supplement which will help to give you a healthy dose of probiotics. You will notice that including probiotics in your diet every day will help your skin to have a healthy glow and your digestive health will be greatly improved by this small change. 

Avoid Artificial Foods

Your going to notice that while artificial sweeteners and processed foods may not seem like a poor health choice, they can actually wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you’re trying to limit the sugar in your diet, reach for foods sweetened with honey, natural sweetening agents, or fruit-based foods. You should avoid these artificial foods which can cause your body to slow down digestion and in some cases, may even prevent your body from absorbing essential nutrients. Some of the artificial sugars found in diet beverages cannot be broken down and bind to essential nutrients that you need, causing them to not be absorbed. Limit these foods when possible. 

Try Digestive Enzymes

While your body does most of the work of digestion itself, you can help to give it a boost by taking a supplemental digestive enzyme. This works to help break down the food you eat, giving you a better chance of absorbing those essential nutrients. Your body will absorb more phytochemicals and antioxidants which will then lead to healthier, renewed skin naturally. 

Change Your Diet

Focus on eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, consider going vegetarian a few days a week, and work on getting a balanced diet full of fiber-rich foods. These are all great sources of nutrients and if you don’t make sure to get these important food groups, all of the digestion in the world isn’t going to help you. Make smart dietary choices to improve your skin tone over time. 

These are the basics of achieving glowing skin by improving your digestion. When your body can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from food, it pays off by helping you to look your best. Make these changes to your diet and start seeing some beneficial changes in just a few days.

Author Bio:
Dora Owen is a blogger for Molegone who gives secrets to quick mole removal.  She likes to blog for beauty and skin care related topics. In her free time she loves to read about new research in health and beauty.