Why Should You Get An Oxygen Supply For Your Home?

A permanent oxygen supply with the necessary bottles and delivery methods can bring patients a lot of benefits. Oxygen therapy is used mainly with people who have chronic lung diseases like COPD and emphysema. A doctor might prescribe you oxygen therapy. You can always start oxygen therapy earlier. There are always benefits to having more oxygen in your system.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider getting an oxygen supply for your home today.

Emergency Treatment

A trip to the emergency room can set you back over $1000. If you can’t afford to lose this much money, and you’re always on the edge of needing some emergency oxygen therapy, it makes sense to have your own system. It will save you a fortune in emergency room fees.

How do you know if you’re at this stage, though? The biggest sign is shortness of breath. If you’re frequently struggling to catch your breath when doing things like climbing stairs, it’s time to consider oxygen therapy.

It’s Portable and Compact

Technology has moved on since the days of huge oxygen canisters and giant machines you need to drag around with you. The modern oxygen delivery system of today is portable and simple to store. You don’t need to have a lot of space to have one of these contraptions in your home. It makes emergency oxygen more accessible to everyone.

General Quality of Life

Home oxygen therapy isn’t just for the sick. Buying oxygen can bring many benefits to your life even if you’re perfectly healthy. Oxygen is the main driving force in out body. It offers us mental clarity and energy because we can hasten the delivery of glucose to the brain and muscles. Our cells need oxygen to function or they die. And if they die we die.

Here are some of the main benefits of having easy access to your very own oxygen:

  • Increased concentration. You’ll be able to study and learn for longer periods of time. This is particularly beneficial for students who study long hours.
  • Better capacity to exercise. Oxygen enables us to run for that extra mile and crank out an extra repetition on the weights. It’s why we’re always told to breathe deeply during exercise. It allows us to take in more oxygen.
  • Sleep quality. It’s a well-known fact oxygen helps people to sleep. Give yourself a burst of oxygen and it should make you feel slightly lightheaded and sleepy. This is both a side effect of oxygen therapy and one of the benefits.

Calm Down

Stress is the bane of anyone who’s ill or healthy. If you can’t control your level of stress you will crash sooner or later. Oxygen has proven therapeutic benefits for children and younger people, according to the studies conducted on them. The effect doesn’t change as you get older. Lead a lifestyle with lower stress levels and your general health will go up.

You’ll be able to tell how healthy you’re getting because you’ll feel the need to use your oxygen less.

Adam Specter is the author of this post. He makes sure that buys his monthly doses of medicine from a particular pharmacy near his house, which also has various home medical supply stores across Michigan, as they are very reliable.