Health Benefits of Cannabis you Should Know

People have used cannabis (also known as weed or marijuana) to treat several diseases for at least 3000 years, said by the national institute of health. But cannabis has not been considered safe or effective by the food and drug administration in the treatment of different medical conditions. However, the cannabidiol, an element found in cannabis, has successfully been approved in June 2018 as a natural treatment for different types of epilepsy. According to health experts, Cannabis contains CBD that is known to impact the human brain to make it function better.

Along with this fact, many legal regulations have been approved. The most important one being the ACMPR license regulation, where people can grow their Cannabis at home for medical purposes, under the prescription of a certified doctor. To acquire one, you must get in touch with consultants such as Cannabis Growing Canada to get all the information required; they work hand in hand with the government institutions that regulate this procedure.

In this article, we will walk you through the scientific evidence considering that Cannabis actually offers some surprising health benefits and some of them are listed below here.

Relief of chronic Pain

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds and some of them are known as cannabinoids. Chemicals named as Cannabinoids have directly been linked to ease the chronic pain due to the chemical makeup they come with. That is the reason, cannabis can be used in different medical products commonly used to prevent chronic pain. 

Effectiveness of cannabis at relieving chronic pain was highlighted in a large review conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

Help lose weight

Cannabis users are not obese or overweight because it linked to aiding the human body in regulating insulin and managing calorie intake at the same time. Most people also use weed seeds for weight loss purposes as they contain zero calories and fat. They also use these seeds because they contain vital nutrients that must be included in a healthy diet plan.

Expands Lung Capacity

Lungs are not harmed when smoking cannabis, unlike cigarettes. According to a study, cannabis helps boost the lungs’ capacity rather than harming if used in moderation. A cigarette smoker is more likely to develop the respiratory disease than a cannabis smoker.

Regulate and prevent diabetes

As it mentioned above that cannabis helps regulate insulin in the human body, it could be useful to regulate and prevent diabetes. According to medical research conducted by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), cannabis is very useful as it effectively stabilizes blood sugars, controls blood pressure, and improves blood circulation to help prevent diabetes and other medical issues like hypertension.

Fight Cancer

One of the major health benefits of cannabis is that it helps fight cancer by slowing down and stopping cancer cells. There are different researches and studies showing that cannabinoids chemical found in cannabis can help stop cancer cells. Cannabidiol has a natural ability to stop cancer by turning the gene of which is known as Id-1.

Relieve Arthritis

During the research, medical experts gave their patients a medicine named Sativex, a cannabinoid-based pain reliever. The patients have experienced a significant decrease in pain and better sleep quality. It shows that cannabis can help reduce inflammation and pain along with promoting sleep. 

Depression Treatment

Depression is a common medical issue around the globe and endocannabinoid compounds found in cannabis are known to stabilize mood and ease depression. It relaxes the muscles and body to help patients treat anxiety and depression effectively. Cannabis users are more likely to ease issues with nervous systems, mobility issues, and muscular spasms.

Safer Alternative to Alcohol

Cannabis is much safer than alcohol and it could be the best way to prevent alcoholism. According to a report, cannabis is actually 114 times less deadly than alcohol and could be the best and healthy way to curb alcoholism. 


The use of a medicine made with cannabidiol (CBD) was approved by the FDA in June 2018 to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome (severe, and specific types of epilepsy). These types of epilepsy are hard to control with other medications but are easy to control with CBD-based drugs which are named as Epidiolex. Cannabidiol is an active substance of cannabis and that drug is made with a purified form of Cannabidiol. The approval of CBD use in the medication was based on different clinical trials and medical findings.