Health Entrepeneur Keith Orie Shares 5 Ways You Can Make Remote Meetings Count

Even before a global pandemic, understanding how to run virtual meetings was one of the most important skills to have. Knowing how to coordinate and manage a team across multiple time zones and locations is an essential tool in the global workplace. It enables a level of adaptability that equips a startup to get up to speed faster than some of the larger and more traditional companies. Detailed in this article are Keith Orie’s tips on ways entrepreneurs can host productive and valuable virtual meetings.

Check-in With Team Members

When meeting virtually, it can be easy to fall into a routine of simply checking items off a meeting agenda of hot issues that need to be addressed. While on the surface it may seem as though sticking to a strict agenda can improve productivity, it actually can result in team collaboration and loss of morale from employees. Not having in-person socialization limits personal connection. Starting a meeting with a simple check-in or thoughtful question enables team members to let off steam, express themselves, and refocus on the vital tasks at hand.

Be Deliberate with Meeting Agendas

While most meetings have an agenda, remote meetings require an agenda with an additional level of specificity and clarity. Agendas should be detailed in identifying who needs to be prepared to discuss certain details, the amount of time to be set aside for the meeting, and expectations of what outcome should be derived at the conclusion of the meeting.

Establish a Recap at the End

It can be easy to go through a discussion and simply end the call once the list has been checked off. With remote meetings, it is essential to recap at the end of the meeting to identify key takeaways, next steps, and create a plan for achieving deliverables. As a leader, specify before the meeting who is in charge of taking notes and delivering the recap at the end; it will instill a formal responsibility to ensure members are engaged and properly communicating throughout the whole process.

Keep Technology Up and Running

Remote meetings come with a variety of systems necessary to make a meeting work. Employees need to make sure they have the necessary login credentials, decent internet connections, and headsets that provide premium quality. If a meeting is large enough, additional systems for handling PowerPoint presentations and call volume may be required. Understanding what is needed well in advance can help ensure meetings are held on time and run seamlessly without interruption.

Find Ways to Keep it Interesting

Remote teams don’t have some of the luxuries or traditions associated with meeting in-person. Whether a team is remote temporarily due to a pandemic or is remote based on the nature of the business, it is important to create an environment that is uplifting and provides comfort to employees. Simple tweaks like adding a virtual happy hour or conducting a call from local parks can switch up the scenery and keep team members engaged.

About Keith Orie

Keith Orie is the owner of Advanced Medical Sales LLC, a Texas-based company selling premium-grade durable medical equipment (DME) at affordable prices. He started the company late in college to help medical professionals effectively treat patients through non-invasive pain relief procedures. Mr. Orie studied finance at Southern Methodist University and completed internships at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Federal Home Loan Bank in Dallas, Texas. This experience gave him the strong foundation needed to dive into entrepreneurial waters.

Written by Jacob Maslow

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