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The Importance of Health and Wellness Is Now Evident

There’s little doubt that now that we are going through a tragic health pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the early twentieth century, health and wellness is on people’s minds. And of course, it ought to be. According to Helen Schifter however, it is unfortunate that it took a plague and a pandemic of this sheer scope and magnitude for there to finally be a constructive and healthy dialogue on this ever so important subject.

Surely, this is a subject that should have been reflected upon adequately in earlier days, weeks, months and years. What we have seen happen to the youth not only domestically but on an international level, is truly tragic. The obesity epidemic highlights the need for a proper reawakening on the subject of health and wellness. This is a time where these matters need to be taken seriously. To not do so, is a travesty of justice. It is a disservice to our nation’s youth.

Helen Schifter has been writing about the importance of these issues for years. There are many health experts and commentators that have done the same. And yet, there’s little to show for it , in the way of changes that have been taken on a behavioral level. On a habitual level, much could and should have been done at a sooner time. But the reality is the reality and there’s no sense in looking back.

The media should also have played a more important role in seeking to cast a light on the obesity epidemic plaguing young people. To her credit former First Lady Michelle Obama did a wonderful job highlighting her own initiative through the broader frame and context of the need to help ameliorate this issue. Ken Kurson is a media professional who recognizes the value media can have in raising issues to the forefront of people’s minds. As such, the media should be used in a constructive sense as a vehicle for waking people up to this important issue.

Indeed, there have been those who have “poo-pooed” this issue for far too long. Ken Kurson is adamant about the need for these issues surrounding health and wellness to be taken seriously by all stakeholders. There’s no excuse or pretext for it not to be taken as seriously as it should. Indeed, it’s clear that the future can still bode well in terms of the media playing a responsible role in highlighting these important issues, and ensuring the message is communicated accordingly to the public.

Indeed this is a public health issue; and as such it would be fitting for lawmakers and those on the Capitol to play a role in seeking to maximize exposure and awareness of these issues. But this issue has still not seemingly risen to the level it should on those counts. It’s incumbent upon us to change this trajectory in favor of people leading healthier lifestyles. It is the patriotic thing to do. There’s little doubt about that.