Health Tips for Long Road Trips

Are you planning a long road trip soon? Whether you plan to take an extended excursion or just drive for hours daily, being in that seated position can take an emotional and physical toll on your body. With the right preparation and strategies, however, you can make sure that you’re well-equipped for a safe and healthy road trip experience. Here’s a few health tips to keep in mind on your next long road trip! 

Water, water, water. 

It’s not just about what you eat on the road: it’s vital to bring enough water with you on a long road trip and that you ensure that everyone in the car drinks enough throughout the journey. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, and clouded thinking, which can all negatively affect your ability to drive safely. Staying hydrated can help to prevent fatigue, prevent headaches, and boost your concentration while driving. Drinking plenty of water helps you stay alert and reduces the risk of any medical complications that may occur while driving or during stops along the way. Drinking enough water helps replenish fluids lost through sweating while sitting in the car, plus having enough liquids will also ensure you have plenty of energy throughout your journey, so that you can enjoy the trip rather than feel sluggish!

Bring supplements. 

We’ve already established that long road trips can be hard on your body, so bring supplements on a long road trip helps ensure that travelers get the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Depending on the time of year or location of your trip, supplements can provide much needed vitamins and minerals that may otherwise not be available. Supplements can provide sustained energy over longer periods of time and help you stay focused while driving. Magnesium, probiotics, and fish oil can help reduce inflammation and provide balanced energy levels throughout the day, while some supplements support digestion.  It’s also a good idea to bring supplements if you have an existing medical condition, as they can help to manage the symptoms of those conditions while you’re away from home. Don’t just settle for any old supplements, however; consider going with an independent supplier like Vibrant Market. They have supplements to assist with mental and physical energy, sleep, and detoxification for those days when the road trip food isn’t sitting right! 

Keep up with dental health practices. 

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When we talk about healthy living, dental practices don’t often get mentioned. But in fact, long road trips can be painful for people who wear partial or full dentures if the proper care is not given. There’s a tendency to go into ‘vacation mode’ and brush aside concerns until the return home, but one common problem is discomfort or irritation due to the prolonged wear of dentures, which can be exacerbated by the dry air in a car or by eating different types of food while traveling. In addition, if the dentures are not cleaned regularly, bacteria and plaque can build up on the dentures, causing bad breath, gum irritation, and even infections; they can also become discolored and develop stains, which can be difficult to remove. To keep dentures stable and comfortable during long trips, it’s important to do the following. Brush your dentures in the morning before leaving. Rinse them with mouthwash throughout the day to remove any food particles. Use adhesive every day to reduce movement of your denture plates and keep soft candies or gum available to keep saliva production going which helps in maintaining optimal adhesion. Always have water with you, and always take out your dentures at night while sleeping. If you’re experiencing any specific problems with our dentures, consider having Eurodenture’s page on Common Denture Problems at the ready, so you can address your concerns on the go!

These days, people are driving farther distances than ever before to go on adventures and visit friends and family. While this style of travel is convenient, long road trips can be physically taxing, and it’s easy to lose your motivation to take care of your health. But, by following these tips, you can stay healthy and energized through any length of car ride!