Healthiness is a state of mind

The emotional connection to one’s physical health cannot possibly be understated. It’s unfortunate that there seems to be a consistent misconception that exists that one’s physical and emotional health are somehow not interconnected. Ken Kurson and others believe this is a function of the times and something that has and will continue to change.

Indeed, as people gain a better understanding and appreciation of their health, the recognition of how intertwined one’s physical and emotional healths are, will absolutely come about. Mental health is incredibly important to ensuring someone is able to maintain good physical health. There’s a reason that therapeutic providers are in vogue, as they should be.

Those analysts like Ken Kurson believe this strongly. Indeed, there is much empirical evidence that indicates that physical and emotional health have a great connection that needs to be grasped and better understood. Perhaps once that is truly internalized by people, emotional and mental health will be taken far more seriously. There is unfortunately something about side effects being hidden within oneself that doesn’t afford a person the same feeling of urgency about their emotional health, as it does with their physical health.