Healthy activities to try on vacation

When you go on vacation, you should need to think too hard about staying in shape. It’s your time to relax, so stressing about your workout regime is a definite no. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be spending your whole vacation lounging around and gorging on local desserts. If you want to stay healthy without even trying, here are some activities that you can do that are fun, healthy and easy.

Walking/ Hiking

The simplest exercise you can do on vacation? – walking, of course. The great thing about walking is that it’s not too strenuous and it gives you a good opportunity to check out the scenery. You can either walk around the city and explore the big tourist attractions or you can put on your heavy-duty boots and do some hiking. Around Europe in particular there are a lot of great hiking routes that take you down old Roman roads and show you some incredible scenery. Just make sure to get your European Health Insurance Card renewal before you visit.

Cook at home

While a lot of us have the tendency to eat out a lot when we go on vacation, but cooking at home is fun, cheaper and healthier. Try shopping for more exotic ingredients at the local markets and have a go at cooking some foreign cuisine. If you’re the type of person that has regular cravings for ice-cream on sunny days, you can also fight temptation by whipping up some delicious frozen treats to make for a healthier alternative, like frozen yoghurt and fruit. That way you can cut down on the calories and keep cool


The great thing about kayaking is that it’s fun, healthy and doesn’t require any practice in order to get the hang of it. There are many vacation spots around the world that offer kayaking tours and adventures and you can choose either a day of kayaking or a trip that lasts several days, mixing together both kayaking and hiking. Kayaking works out a huge group of muscles including your back, shoulders, abs and chest, giving you a toned upper body for you to take home.


Cycling vacations vary in difficulty and length, which means that they can be great for both families and fitness fanatics. There are a lot of fantastic cycling tours that take you around some of the most scenic parts of the world and in between days of cycling you can settle down for the night in quaint little towns and try delicious local cuisine.

Embrace a vacation without tech

Gadgets can completely ruin a vacation because they keep you in touch with the things that stress you out while you’re trying to relax. If you’re messing with your phone or your laptop while you’re on vacation you may find that you don’t feel particularly refreshed when you get home. In order to rejuvenate yourself both mentally and physically you need to switch off and get in touch with your more peaceful side. Try yoga or Tai-Chi or visit a spa. Go for a scenic wander without your IPod and listen to the sounds of nature. Read some books, visit oddball attractions and explore where you are. You’ll come home feeling mentally recharged and like you made the most of you vacation time.